Why you can get bored investigating the paranormal (and what to do about it)

“Tell us your name” 

“What year is it?” 

“Come forward and speak with us” 

It's dark, your tired, and you’ve just started your third Audio Recording session. 


You continue to wait. Then ask “is anyone here with us?”. 

It can happen. Sometimes investigating a location can turn out to be a very very quiet night of sitting in the dark and fighting to stay awake. 

There seems to be a certain method or ways to investigate the paranormal that everyone else seems to do. 

You’ve got your EMF detectors and static detectors for any unusual fluctuations. Then there are the REM pods to detect anything moving closer to the radiating antenna. 

Packed in with those you have your digital recorders and video cameras. 

Learning this is important but after a while you think “gees, is there anything else I can do? Is there something different we can try?” “AM I the only person who thinks this way?”. 

A common issue within the field is that there isn’t anything “new” at the moment. It feels like we’re all doing the same thing, every time and often coming up with the same results. 

So how DO we “jazz” it up? Because it can become… boring after a while. 

One thing you can do to keep those “paranormal fires” burning is to go over and check out the free cheat sheet on “5 things you can do in between paranormal investigations”. 

Another tip (which is on the cheat sheet) is to start exploring more of what you HAVE experienced. What does this mean? 

Think back to a time when something happened to you. Did you feel as though something touched you or you heard a voice and still to this day can't think how it could have happened and see if you can find way to find a PAE (Possible Alternative Explanation). 

For example. If you felt something touch you, almost grab your arm when you were investigating a location that used to be a hospital. You had only one other person with you who was nowhere near where you were. And you haven’t been able to find a rational explanation since. 

Start with the possibility of why you would feel a hand on your arm. 

Is there something that can cause that to happen biologically? 

Are there any conditions that can make someone feel as though they are being touched when they aren’t? 

What about anything in the environment? Would something cause you to feel pressure on your arm? 

How were you feeling at the time? Could it be something happening psychologically that could make you believe something touched you? 

When you start to do this, you start to become more aware of how certain areas of Science and Psychology can explain some of what we would think could have been caused by the paranormal. 

You begin to become a more effective investigator as the info gained begins to be your doorway into learning more. 

So go ahead! Write down some of the most intense experiences and hit the internet!

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