Paranormal Investigator Insurance

Paranormal Investigator Insurance

Are you a Paranormal Investigator looking for Public Products Liability Insurance to enter some of the country's most iconic locations? Or are you a Medium/Psychic looking to find insurance to cover events, festivals or conferences?

Either way, you have come right place!
White Insurance Brokers offer a tailored solution to the paranormal, supernatural and medium/psychic community. Starting from only $365 per annum (which includes all fees and charges) this is for an annual turnover or income up to $75,000.

Paranormal Investigators
Funds are tight when you are a 'not for profit' group/team of paranormal investigators so gaining access into locations is difficult. Accessing Government, Council and Trust properties may require $20 million Public Products Liability Insurance as a minimum. And if you want to run a tour at a location or even set up equipment to conduct a private investigation, you want to know that if you happen to damage anything accidently, you'll be safe.... even if you have forgotten to lock the door, or shut the window.
Now there is an option to be covered which equates to just $1 a day. Yes, this also includes all volunteer groups/teams and businesses.

Looking at attending conferences or events? Do the organisers want insurance for your own stand? Or are you looking at attending a person's home to provide a reading?
For $365 per annum (which includes all fees and charges) you can work to your full potential knowing you are covered.

So what does this insurance ACTUALLY cover?

  • $20 Million - Public Liability, Advertising Injury and Products Liability
  • $1 Million - Errors Omissions Liability
  • Automatic sub-limits of cover
  • $250,000 - Property in Care, Custody &; Control
  • Excess (What you pay if there is a claim)
  • $250 for each and every claim

The PSI Scheme - Underwritten 100% by Lloyd’s of London.

The policy covers you for claims arising from a Third Party.

Public Liability covers you where you negligently injure someone or damage someone’s property.

Claims Examples

You trip someone over and they break an arm or you knock a vase to the ground and it breaks.  Products Liability covers you where your product is the cause of the injury or damage to someone’s property.

Your remote recording device malfunctions and explodes blinding a passer-by and starts a fire gutting a room. Errors & Omissions Liability covers you for errors or omissions which result in injury or property damage.

You forget to lock the door of a building and during the night vandals enter and vandalise the property. You write a report, but forget to omit the identity of the person whom you are writing about and they claim mental anguish for the stress that the report causes.

Persons automatically covered

All the members of an individual club or association. All directors, employees and volunteers of an individual business. Activities and services automatically covered. Paranormal, Supernatural, Crypto-zoology, Investigations, Paranormal, Supernatural, Crypto-zoology Surveillance, Paranormal, Supernatural, Crypto-zoology Research, Scientific Experiment, Assessment & Audit Audio, Electronic Video Recording, Data Collection Transcription Medium, Psychic Clairvoyant Secretarial, Administration Office Support, Training & Development Educational, Lectures Seminars, Workshops, Conventions, Tours, General Property Cover – Optional* Provides cover at very competitive rates, for your cameras, recorders and equipment that you take around with you. Personal Accident Cover – Optional* Provides cover for you and your members that get injured whilst undertaking their services or activities.*additional premiums apply.

Where do I sign up?

Head over to White Insurance Brokers

ASFL ACL 295436

Contact can be made via email

Or by phone 03 8790 5701

Postal address:, White Insurance Brokers, PO Box 2191, Fountain Gate VIC 3805