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With this video doing the rounds lately, is it a legit capture of possible poltergeist activity? Or could it be faked? And if so... how?

Why DO paranormal investigators conduct investigations at night? Is there any merit to investigating during the day? Can it be more or less paranormally active at daytime?

Can an object be haunted? Can a "spirit" attach itself to something and create possible activity around its own environment?

What are doppelgangers? Should you fear them? What's the difference between doppelgangers and twin strangers? Is there another reason why people experience this phenomenon?

An elusive hominid, Bigfoot/Yowies/Sasquatch sightings are rarely reported. So, maybe they aren't "alive"? Could they actually be an elemental instead?

Science says ghosts and spirits don’t exist yet some people feel that when they leave a reportedly haunted location, they aren't on their own. If you do a paranormal investigation of a location, are you at risk of bringing something home with you.

Do ghost hunting apps actually work? Is the technology in our mobile phones better than paranormal investigation equipment?

Do they work? What types of trigger objects are there? What can you do to test or try for yourself?

Could this actually be a ghost captured in this photo? Or if not, how could you tell?

When out investigating a location at night, isn't it the dead you have to worry about. What are some really important things to consider that you can do to keep you and others safe?

Should you research the history of a location before investigating? What are the pitfalls of knowing too much?

Fear is completely natural, even if you do love investigating the paranormal. So, what do you if you are scared while at a location?

Interviewing witnesses to possible paranormal activity can be tricky. No one wants to waste their time, so how can you tell if they are giving you the truth? What could you do that can help not just your investigation but your clients as well?

Think you've encountered something negative when investigating the paranormal? Should you keep going if you have? What do you do if it's when you are in a public location or a private/residential case?

What would you do if your child asked if they could use a Ouija Board? There is no scientific evidence that they cause harm, yet people have had intense experiences all around the world. When is too young, too young? If ever at all!

Is it something that only demonically possessed people seem to have? Is there another explanation for how some people can be enormously strong?

Paranormal Investigators are here to help, right? Should you take EVERY case inquiry? And if not, which ones should you spend your time on?

If a friend or relative had a problem that might be paranormal, should you take it? Would there be a conflict of interest? Could you be as impartial as possible?

Flying domestically or internationally and want to bring paranormal investigation equipment with you? Here are some helpful tips!

Going into someone else's home to help them find out about possible paranormal activity? Got some ground rules on how to behave and how decisions are made when hiring a location to investigate? Do you have everything covered?

Investigated a property to find out later that the activity has increased? Is this even possible? How would you be able to find out? And when is it appropriate to try and increase the activity?

Should you “out” a paranormal investigator who is dishonest or fraudulent? Is it worth and where do you draw the line? What's the best way to handle it?

What are the best websites to find historical research on a location you are planning to do a paranormal investigation at?

Trying to investigate possible paranormal phenomena in any environment can be difficult, but imagine what it would be like underwater scuba diving. Has anyone else done this? What did they find? What would it be like?

The Oxford Dictionary states Evidence as "The available body of facts or information indicating whether a belief or proposition is true or valid". Should Paranormal Investigators need to be more wary of the use of the word "Evidence"?

Is this a ghost in a hotel room? We break down the video bit by bit to find out.

Does it seem that while trying to investigate possible paranormal phenomena that getting verifiable facts seems difficult? Yes, ghosts/spirits don't exist according to science but if ... if they did... and we have been trying to make contact, why isn't dates, names, locations rare when trying to establish communication?

What IS a SLIder? And what does it have to do with the paranormal?

What are the most common things to debunk when investigating the paranormal?

In between investigations? Something happen to you that you want to explore more about? Intrigued by other persons experience? Got some ideas you want to test with how possible paranormal phenomena might work? Here are some ideas to start with.

IF ghosts or spirits existed, then when is it too far when it comes to provoking? What can you say "in the name of research" when trying to encourage communication?

What are they and has anyone you know come into contact with one?

If ghosts existed, can animals become spirits? What about ghost dinosaurs or ghost ants? Why hasn't anyone seen one of those?

Can a building make a person sick? What does that have to do with paranormal investigating?

They think, feel and have empathy and yet are sensitive to their environments - is it possible?

Sacred Objects and Haunted Items can often be confused. So, what is the difference? And what do you do if you feel you like you've come across one?

How SO you deal with ghostly orbs and faces that others want your opinion on when it comes to social media? Here are some tips on how to navigate these interesting situations.

Burning to death is one of many people's fears. But in reality, can it actually happen? And are you more at risk?

What is the difference? Aren't they just the same? And should or can a person be both?

What is this strange phenomena and what causes it? Can it happen to anyone?

What is it? Does it really matter that Paranormal Investigators should know about it?

How DO you find your local paranormal community when you're just starting out? Is it worth it? What's the fuss all about?

 Are they inter-dimensional beings? Vampires? Demonically possessed children? Or just urban myth gone crazy?

What is a Faraday Cage? How on earth could it have anything to do with paranormal investigating? And if so, how could I create one myself and try it out?

If the spirit realm was proven, could a negative spirit attach itself ot a positive one? Is it about the stronger and weaker energies and how would elementals fit into it?

Is this a REAL picture of a possible apparition? We go through our initial analysis of what might be real... and what isn't.

Part 2! Can negative spirits attach themselves to positive ones? I chat with Renata Daniel.

Could we tweak" the terminology we use with Paranormal Investigating? Here are 3 words/terms I think we could start with.

Are mediums any good for paranormal investigating? Should investigators just stick to using paranormal investigation equipment and not bother? What are the pros and cons of using both?

Can Multiverse or Inter-Dimensional explain the possibility of apparitions or time slips? What about Twin Strangers and Doppelgangers? Residual Hauntings? The possibilities are endless.

Link to video that explains Multiverse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ywn2Lz5zmYg

Can spirits learn new things after they cross over? Do they see us using new technology and also learn how to use it? 

This episode is dedicated to my little cat who passed away a few weeks ago at the time of this recording. The video I refernce in which she "kindly" inturppted can be viewed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xt7JKZuF-Oc&t=16s

Where does it stem from? Are women more "open"? Or is it a society thing?

Astral projection? Psychic Imprint? Or something else? And what does it have to do with paranormal investigating?

The good, bad and ugly of paranormal investigators who hold either skeptical or believer attitudes. Which one are you?

Here are 3 tips I share about the best way to further investigate possible paranormal phenomena. Wanna know more? Sign up for this free email course right here! https://www.accessparanormal.com/home-2

Its a question that isn’t as easy to answer as you might think. Why do paranormal investigators tend to see shadows when investigating?

Are Demons real? Or just distorted history?

Whats the go with cemetaries? Are they actually haunted? Where does this idea come from?

Thinking of doing private cases? Already involved but want some new tips on how to run them more efficiently?

Why are popular ‘ghost sightings’ from the last few centuries? And not from earlier time periods? What has happened to them?
Why don't we see ghosts of dinosaurs?

Known as the "mocking of the trinity", is ther e any truth to the night being more active with possible negative entities at this time? What else could explain it?

What does the brain do when we are asleep? Can spirits communicate to you when you go to bed at night?

Whats the difference between a Ghost Tour, Ghost Hunt and a paranormal Investigation? And what can you do to make sure your next event that you attend is enjoyable.

What is the "God Helmet"? And what could it's connection be to those who investigate possible paranormal phenomena?

What advice would you give to other paranormal investigators?

What on earth does DOP have to do with the paranormal? And what do I think of this intriguing phenomena?

Dr Tony Jinks talk on DOP - https://youtu.be/_F5BRllyX1U

Is it possible that both can interchange?

Should you and your team look at taking on such intense cases? And what should you think about before you do?

We all have them. Yet we love what we do. So what does one do about the not so nice about being a paranormal investigator?

Can a plant or tree be haunted? Or can a tree be a ghost? Can spirits life in trees?

The name can strike fear into the hardest of Miners… so what are Tommy Knockers?

How DO you deal with pics and video of ghostly faces and orbs on social media when all you wanna do is scream "it's not real!!!!"
Here is some insight into when to truly pick your battles.

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