EP 26 - Paranormal Lockdown, Oz Para & Spiritual Expo, EDTP Perth

In this episode I catch up with the people that attended the Q Station Paranormal Lockdown and found out what they thought of the weekend, I also chat with Peet Banks Director of the recent Oz Paranormal and Spiritual Expo about her successful event plus I find out from a few paranormal investigators who are based in Western Australia about their reasons for starting their paranormal investigation journey.



EP 22 - Elaine Matthews (Canadian Paranormal Investigator) + Berrima Court House Investigation

In this episode I have a chat with Canadian Paranormal Investigator Elaine Matthews about her experiences living in a haunted house, the different types of hauntings and the differences between the paranormal field in Canada compared to Australia. And of course I reveal what happened at the public investigation at Berrima Court House with APPI Ghost Hunts and Tours.

EP 20 - Earthcore, Empirical Evidence and Q Station Investigation

In this episode, I chat with Bill from the Australian Paranormal Society about Earthcore and the Worlds Beyond Forum in November last year. 
I also delve into the topic of Empirical Evidence and why it relates to paranormal investigating plus what happened when I was the guest investigator at the paranormal investigation event at Q Station in Manley now run by Oz Para Tech.