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Hey I'm Beth Luscombe!

And I want to help you become an effective, switched on and knowledgeable paranormal investigator.

I've been investigating the paranormal for almost 10 years and in that time I've been apart of a paranormal team and more so branching out on my own as an independent paranormal investigator. In that time I've figured out how to get started, what you need to know and the best tools and resources.

Where did I start?  This passion for the paranormal stems to as far back as I can remember. You know.... something about premonitions and objects seemingly moving on their own fascinated me.

Then 2007 I decided to move to the UK to work and travel for 2 years. I LOVED IT. And, I found the paranormal field to be much larger and more established - the opportunities were awesome.

I then began to roll up my sleeves and start seriously investigating with paranormal groups based in London (notably the London Paranormal Society).

I had the gracious chance to investigate locations such as London Dungeons, Middleton Hall, Winston Churchill War Rooms, London Tombs, Eastbury Manor, Valentines Manor and (one of the most active I have come across) the Ragged School Museum.

When I arrived back to Australia in 2009 I was... well... really disappointed. There was NOTHING or ANYWHERE you could investigate in a public location like I had in the UK, nor could I find anywhere about Australian paranormal events.

Luckily with more interest growing in Australia (partially thanks to programs such as Most Haunted, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Lab and Ghost Adventures on pay TV - we either love them or hate them!) the paranormal field has grown in Australia.

So, I thought "yeah, I need to create something... a website... somewhere so others can find this information because I can't be the only one. Right?". And that is why Access Paranormal was started.

Since then I've been able to investigate other locations around the world such as Prospect Place, Waverley Hills Sanatorium and The Queen Mary.

I'm also an Independent Paranormal Investigator, Speaker, Researcher, Event co-ordinator and Paranormal Journalist who produces the successful Access ParaCast.

My love and passion has always been about education in this field. It isn't an exclusive club for only a few but something for all interested in it.

I'm a fully qualified First Aider, Mental Health First Aider, hold Training and Development Qualifications and currently a student of the School of Parapsychology.


Beth at Access Paranormal

Referred to as the "Fairy Godmother of the Paranormal" Beth is passionate about the topic with years of experience investigating the supernatural in some of the world’s most well-known locations.

On her return from living in the UK, she created and manages the successful Access Paranormal website for the Australian Paranormal community and online educational courses through Access:Paranormal Investigator.

Beth has hosted local and international guests in some of the country’s leading events and with a focus on research and education, she is a fast becoming regular speaker at paranormal conferences in Australia and around the world.

In addition to that focus Beth produces the popular monthly podcast Access ParaCast.

If you're interested in interviewing Beth or wishing to send a speaker invitation, feel free to email

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