One common mistake people make about learning science and psychology for paranormal investigating

“Physics”…. “psychology”…. Sometimes these words can make a person gain a headache. 

And yet they are GREAT subjects to know. 

But I know…. the minute you start to delve into it, it's like being lost in a sea of complication. 

And yet you are BEYOND waving a KII around. 

DONE with the blurry orb photos. 

SO OVER asking the same questions in an audio recording session. 

You’re at that point where you are REALLY after some of the more in-depth stuff right? 

There’s gotta be something more to it than this? 

Luckily there is. But it can feel almost intimidating at first. And many people when they start looking for more fall for this one common mistake. 

They just don’t know where to start! 

Honestly, WHERE do you start learning more about science and psychology? 

Yep. Been there. 

Information overload right? 

Web sites galore! 

But what CAN be a trusted resource and what isn’t? 

There can be many people sharing what they think you should know, but you don’t want to start learning about something to only then find out it's not entirely accurate*insert picture with egg on face*. 

There are so many great information websites out there but to be honest, only a few that can be trusted. 

How would you know? 

  • Look to see who is writing the material. Do they have qualifications? Do they have a good amount of “field” experience? Where did they get this information from? 
  • Do they themselves offer any online courses or books you can read? 

A tip: If a course is “Accredited” it only means that the information that is provided is formatted in a certain way (standard) to the company the course is accredited too. It doesn’t mean the actual content of the course is any better or more useful than other information available or that you are awarded any type of qualification

Is the information provided “belief” based. Is it written with the belief in a particular faith. Faith is a wonderful thing that can get people out of some of the most darkest moments in life. But this information that is faith based isn’t always the best information to learn from as it will be “tainted” with what a person's belief of what the afterlife is. Remember…You want facts, not someone's idea of it.  

So, here are websites highly recommend starting with as they are backed by those who hold qualifications and are credible organisations: 

They often have newsletters too, so be sure to sign up and keep up to date with the latest. 

So, don’t make the most common mistake with learning more. Find your credible sources and flex that grey matter!