Top tips for traveling with Paranormal Investigation Equipment

Top tips for traveling with paranormal investigation equipment.png

With many of us traveling further and further to check out locations that have reports of paranormal activity, some of us are starting to travel by aeroplane more than others. 

But as one can imagine with security at airports the way they currently are, some of the devices paranormal investigators use have chips, batteries and lights. Something airport security is always on the look out for. And then of course the challenge to explain what it is that you are intending to use it for – I’ve had many a funny look! 

So, what do you need to know to make sure you can take your gear with you to the next paranormal investigation? 

Here are my top 5 tips. 

1.       Travel with batteries out of equipment (if bumped when in your bag) 

This is for 2 reasons. A) just in case you bump you bag you don’t then have something that is still switched on and then of course when you get to your location you have a device that is completely flat and needing new batteries already. And B) if you bag happens to be checked into the luggage compartment below, then if it’s on, it’s going to cause a security alert. 

2.       Keep your less pricey items in your checked in luggage and your more expensive items as carry on.

On the very odd occasion that my bag hasn’t made it to my destination, I’ve at least got something to attend a paranormal investigation with. This can also help when going through security since they will often want to inspect your bag and you can be there for any questions. Another thing is tell one of the cabin crew that you have delicate items in your carryon and they should also help you store it properly (particularly if you have an expensive camera). 

3.       Wrap your paranormal investigation equipment in your clothes.

You are going to  want as much space to be able to buy things as well to come back with depending on where you are going. Using your clothes to wrap up your equipment means you’ve still got your clothes packed but you've also got your stuff wrapped up as well and that can be for fragile items like mugs and all sorts of delicate items. Of course when you get to the location you are then going to have to unravel your equipment but then what you can do is put them all in your smaller carry on bag and take that to the location. 

4.       If you can, always use hard shell suit cases to avoid possible damage.

Again, this has been from experience and not a good one at that. When I flew to my first  International paranormal convention I had a sports bag and I bought a couple of  things back and almost all of it got smashed or damaged in some way. And this was even though there was a “Fragile” sticker on it. So make sure that you do have a hard-shell luggage. I bought a Samsonite one but you don't even have to purchase one of those, as long as it's got a hard shell it'll actually keep the in contents in your bag breaking. Baggage handlers have a job to do and often they're in a rush they don't care. So make sure that you've got something that's going to protect your insides of your bag as much as you can if you are carrying items that's going to be fairly fragile. 

5.       Be ready to be questioned by security.

It will happen at some point and is often where the fun stories come from. I personally have had some very interesting looks when I've gone through immigration at LA airport and they obviously see they see my clothing as Access Paranormal. And of course it depends on the Airport. LA is huge and I was never stopped for an explanation for my back yet when I flew to New Orleans with the same bag, they took me back through security to open it again and I almost missed my flight.  

Side tip – keep all the boxes your equipment came in. That way you already have proper packaging when fliying if you don’t want to use an equipment case. Remember… space is way more restricted than driving.