4 things to look out for when choosing your next paranormal investigator course

5 things to look out for.png

There are more and more online courses out there than there were even 5 years ago. With so many great options to choose from, its always handy to keep in mind these 4 things before you click that Enrol button.


1. It has “ghost hunter” in the title

Ghost Hunting and Paranormal Investigating are in fact 2 different things.

Ghost Hunting is more relaxed and more about the experience and the history of a location. It’s about having fun in a spooky place and learning about experiences.

Paranormal investigating is more to do with researching and looking for answers to possible paranormal phenomena. It really is the “investigating” of the who, what where and why.

So if you are looking for a Paranormal Investigation course, if it mentions Ghost Hunting in the title, then it may not be for you.


2. How much is it for and how long

There are many different courses out there that can run for a few hours to 8 weeks. Again, it depends on the information being offered and how long you want to spend studying it.

Pricing also ranges for $60 to $500. But keep in mind if some offer the course as a “Diploma” and it runs for 6 weeks, it’s not really a Diploma.

Yes, although there isn’t an official qualification for paranormal investigating, doesn’t mean that creating one and calling it a Diploma is wise.

Have you heard of a Diploma for Electrical Engineering that runs for 6 weeks? Diplomas by nature are very very in-depth and often a minimum at best to run for 12 months.


3. Who is running the course

Does the person or organisation tell you who is behind running the course? Who wrote it? What qualifications or experience do they have? What proof do they have of the knowledge they’ve gained?

If you’re looking at parting with your hard earned cash then you want to know what you are getting for it. And more importantly, that the information you are paying for is correct.


4. Is it “Accredited” (and does it really matter)

An Accredited course sounds rather official doesn’t it. But don’t be confused by this term. All it really means is that the course has been structured in a certain way that fits a certain organisations standards. It actually doesn’t mean that the information being provided is any more important or “official”.

For some it gives an impression that the course is somewhat better quality over another when the opposite could be true.