What's the go with EMF Detectors for Paranormal Investigations?

We can often use methods and devices for paranormal investigating, like static detectors or UV lights with some sort of reason as to why. Most (if not all) investigators learn from each other more than any other way like further reading or enrolling in courses – and this is totally fine too.

But what about when it comes to EMF detectors? We all use them when investigating, right?Everyone has one? They appear to be the most popular devices - but why? Is there any truth behind using them and, well, do they actually work?

What IS the idea behind using an EMF detector for paranormal investigations?

Generally, there are 2 reasons:

1)      Ghosts/Spirits emit their own EMF

This idea is based on the First Law of Thermodynamics. Sounds heavy, right? But hear me out.

Technically there are 4 Laws in total but the First Law of Thermodynamics means that energy doesn’t die, it changes form.

We emit a level of EMF which is actually ELF "Extremely Low Frequency" or as some call "Bio EMF", and is so low that our devices don’t pick it up. So hypothetically when we die, where does that EMF go?


2)      EMF disturbances in the environment

Sometimes levels of EMF are in the environment and can affect a person physically.

Some of those symptoms are feelings of paranoia, restless sleep as well as aches and pains in the body. Those kinds of symptoms can often mimic something that might appear to be paranormal, when in fact it’s not.

People can also be more sensitive to EMF than others, which makes their symptoms appear more severe.


So this would make it legit right? Well. Yes and no.

The yes:

Energy doesn’t die, it changes form so the energy we do have in our bodies has to go somewhere right? 

The no:

Our bodies emit such a very very low level of EMF that the devices we use currently aren't able to detect it. Hence why would it be possible to pick up on any left over EMF from a spirit/ghost if the EMF was so low in the first place.

Aaaand if you wanna go one step further, the Second Law of Thermodynamics kinda explains that the energy of a possible decomposing body gets used up... doing just that. Decomposing.

But don’t throw your MEL Meter out the window just yet.

Some groups are having some fascinating results with EMF detectors and it’s still worth having one to even rule out high EMF levels physically affecting a person. Really, in a nutshell, give it a try.

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