Mental Health first aid - Australia

Private/Residential cases are intense.

As paranormal investigators we need to REALLY think about whether or not we are willing to take them on.

Let's face it, it's not just finding a haunted location to investigate.You're dealing with a person or a whole family's fear of being in their own home. Whether they believe it to be paranormal, want evidence of it or want what ever is happening to stop.

But what would you do if you thought they were experiencing mental health issues instead?

Could you help them?

What would you be able to look out for?

In Australia, the UK and USA there is a Mental Health First Aid course available to the public. Yes, just like your standard First Aid, this is a valuable course that teaches people the skills to deal with someone having a mental health crisis.

This course is also valuable for those who run businesses dealing with the public and many ghost tour operators in Australia have already taken the course for this very reason.

Register your interest here and with enough people, another course will be run in Australia.

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Mental health

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