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Willow Court Lockdown weekend Tasmania


Tasmania's Most Haunted has invited three of Australia's leading ladies of the Paranormal to run workshops AND Investigations alongside the TMH team.


22/2/19 Friday Evening Three hour investigation at Willow Court Asylum "The Ladies Cottage" and "The Morgue"

23/2/19 Saturday Workshops 10am - 4pm

"Being A Paranormal Investigator" with Beth Darlington

"Paranormal Technology made Simple" with Anne Rzechowicz

"Developing your Psychic/Mediumship Abilities for Paranormal Investigating" with Renata Daniel

"Q & A session" with Beth, Renata, Anne and Tasmania's Most Haunted Team.

23/2/19 Saturday Evening Four Hour investigation at Willow Court DARK ASYLUM. "Frascati" and "The Barracks"


Workshop only

Workshop and Friday night investigation

Workshop and Saturday night investigation

"The Lot" investigations both nights and the workshop.

Our Special Guests
Beth Darlington: Access Paranormal. Guest speaker at events in Australia and USA. She has investigated all over the world including The Myrtles, Waverly Hills Sanatorium, The Queen Mary and much much more. She attended Skepticon as a special guest and is continually studying everything about the Paranormal

Renata Daniel: Renata runs the multi award winning "Newcastle Ghost Tours". She is an author, teacher, medium and role model in the field. Recently she has started a new venture "Secret Witch Business" inspiring people to be the best they can be. Renata has been teaching mediumship for 20 years and is one of the Seance Sistas (The Seance Parlor) and appears weekly on The Paranormal Party Podcast.

Anne Rzechowicz: Anne has been investigating for around 9 years. She now runs, with her husband Roman, the largest online Paranormal equipment store in Australia. Her passion for investigating has taken her around the world and she has had the opportunity to study/learn or investigate with some of the biggest names in the field: Bill Chappell, Chip Coffey, Dave Schrader, Brian Cano, The Klinge Brothers, Ciaran O'Keefe, Adam Berry, Grant Wilson, Amy Bruni, Britt Griffith, Paul Bradford, Shawn Porter, John name a few! She is also well known as an actress, especially her roles murdering people in Deadly Women!

You are responsible for your own accommodation, airfares (where required) and transport. The fee is for the event only.

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