Twisted History

  • Old Geelong Gaol 202 Myers Street Geelong, VIC, 3220 Australia

Geelong Gaol Paranormal Investigation

7 nights a week

Sunday to Thursday at 10pm, Friday at 9:30pm & Saturday at midnight

A three story blue stone building, known in Victoria as 'The Prison of the Ill',  once housed convicts and murderers in extreme conditions. Four men were executed on the gallows a one man buried within the walls.  This building has witnessed scores of deaths, assaults and murders,  which makes it perfect to investigate.

Tiny cells, no toilets and freezing cold conditions made the Geelong Gaol a virtual dungeon till the day it closed in 1991. Groups will be provided with Night Vision Cameras, Infrared Goggles, Laser Grids, EMF Detectors, Spirit Box, Motion Sensors and a range of other equipment.