VIC - Victoria Paranormal Teams

Australian Ghost Investigators - AGI


We are a team of paranormal investigators. Our team includes Lead Paranormal Investigator Steve Ford & Paranormal Investigator Jazz Molloy. 
We are also looking for other team members to join us.

We use the latest technology in EVP, EMF, EDI some of our other ghost hunting equipment include Thermal imaging camera, REM-PODS, Spirit Box SB11 and other camera equipment.

Our team has over 20 years of experience and we are very passionate in what we do.
Places we have investigated include The Geelong Gaol, The Ballarat Steak House, Barwon Park Mansion, Cape Otway Lighthouse just to name a few.

Best contact details: Steve Ford via or

Australian Paranormal Society

The Australian Paranormal Society (A.P.S) - founded and owned by Bill Tabone and Amanda Wright-Tabone, and co-ordinated by Bill, Amanda, Emily Tabone and Will Tabone - run a professional team of paranormal investigators who are located in Melbourne, Australia. The A.P.S - is a 'not-for-profit' organization - that consists of a professional team of individuals 'with varying skills and a broad range of expertise' who are dedicated to researching and understanding unexplained phenomena worldwide - and we provide a 'free onsite assessment' for residential and commercial customers -Just email us with your enquiries. The Australian Paranormal Society does not encourage nor will it condone trespassing at any time and it will only investigate a location if proper permission has been granted by the appropriate authorities.

The A.P.S aim is two-fold: to create a team of 'dedicated paranormal researchers' as well as an extensive online resource center that will cater for varying levels of interest and understanding. Our mission is to extensively investigate and empirically document all types of 'unexplained phenomena' within Australia, utilizing the most advanced equipment and methodologies. We approach each reported incident with sensitivity , fully respecting the person's worldview and religious beliefs , while maintaining full confidentiality. Any evidence gathered on location will remain private and confidential and any public disclosure would remain at the full discretion of the client.

An A.P.S. requirement of any investigation is that a full 'debrief' and feed-back session will be scheduled with the client to whom all findings will be made public. The A.P.S will initially consider various rational explanations for alleged 'paranormal phenomena' and will continue to assist our clients until a satisfactory conclusion about any phenomena is reached. All investigations proceed with no preconceived assumptions and will remain unbiased by allowing any evidence uncovered to guide the direction of the investigation. Occupational Health and Safety issues affecting the A.P.S team are critical during any investigation. If for any reason members of the A.P.S feel the investigation should cease for personal or safety reasons, the investigation will be postponed or terminated.

Through their investigations the A.P.S hope to gain a more concise understanding about the nature of unexplained phenomena through extensive data collection, experimentation and empirical documentation. The A.P.S. also offers a specialised team for the clearing of premises/spiirit rescue. This team is separate to the investigative team although still part of the A.P.S. This team will onlky attend when a thorough investigation has taken place. All contact is through our email. We are open to any questions the public may have and to support other fellow paranormal investigation groups. Our aim is to also build a more open and united paranormal community. An evidence analysis service for the public and other P.I. groups is also available.


Melbourne Paranormal Society

Melbourne's Paranormal Investigation Society (MPS) has been studying the paranormal and helping family for over 22 years. 100% confidential and first callout is free of charge. I have many years experience in evp so we do use recorders, ghost box and cameras etc and children take top priority. So if you're having unexplained activity around your house please feel free to call.

Email Address:

Best contact details: 0449586380

Northern Melbourne Paranormal

Northern Melbourne Paranormal are a non for profit organization from the northern suburbs of Melbourne we are a small team of 4 we deal with all thingsparanormal from friendly spirits to demonic spirits in homes,business and public building we work with other teams and groups to help with the problem at hand as needed. The team is very professional and has many years of experience andknowledge in the field and use many tools to gather evidence. All consultations are free of charge and will be totally confidential.  After every investigation we conduct a full debrief of all findings to the client. The team are willing to travel all over Melbourne and greater Victoria


Paranormal Prospectors Australia

Paranormal prospectors.png

We are a small group of paranormal investigators and mediums, who run the Paranormal Investigations at the Old Beechworth Gaol.
ith various backgrounds in creative design, fashion design, marketing, accounting, commercial management and alternative medicine , we all bring a strong integrity and a professional attitude to our investigations.
We pride ourselves on always bringing a sense of respect and honesty to the property we are investigating and also a strong respect to the wishes of the building owners.
All our investigations are carried out with the strictest of confidentiality .

Email Address: or 0405 193 807

PAWS Paranormal

Vet student by day, paranormal investigator by night.

Founded in 2013, PAWS Paranormal is a paranormal investigation team located in Melbourne, Australia. We specialise in thorough scientific based investigations into paranormal phenomena.

We work through all potential explanations in order to debunk what can be explained, while highlighting what is truly intriguing and potentially paranormal.

We provide a healthy mix of skepticism combined with a belief of the paranormal and determination to find an answer to the question – is there life after death? Got ghosts?

Private investigations are available FREE of charge upon enquiry. Want to find out more? Check us out on our social media pages for contact details, upcoming investigations, evidence and more right here.


Paranormal Stories Australia


Paranormal Stories Australia is a small team of well-experienced amateur investigators. We specialise in running workshops on how to use equipment for all ages, including workshops for children aged 8 - 15 and adults just starting out in this filed. We attend public investigations as guests and write blogs to share with the public on our experiences, so others can make informed choices. We run our own investigations which are open to the public, as well as private investigations in homes and businesses, where we guide, support and empower the client to get involved and collect and analyse their own evidence.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to come to you for an investigation or if you would like to come on one of ours or just simply to read our blog.

All details can be found on our Facebook page @paranormalstoriesaus

Paranormal Surveillance

Paranormal Surveillance is dedicated to finding answers to what happens when we die.
We believe in publicly sharing our evidence and welcome feedback.
We investigate any location and we don't believe in provocation.
We offer a free service to anyone needing help with their home or business and confidentiality can be assured.
A passion of ours is to teach newcomers the basics of paranormal investigation, we have had ten years experience with both public and private investigations.

Website :

Paranormal Victoria Group (PVG)


Our group operates in the Melbourne metro area and elsewhere in Victoria where possible.

We collect data from sites where paranormal activity may exist, not being limited to purported haunted sites.

Anyone who enjoys applying methodologies or working systematically and is interested in uncovering the paranormal from the everyday are welcome.

To join us please visit and register where you will hear about events and may join in the online discussion if you wish.

Paranormal X-Files

We are a team of experience investigators based in the south east suburbs of Melbourne and Geelong. Our aim is to collect solid evidence of the paranormal whiles also providing opportunities for the general public and paranormal enthusiasts tolearn more about paranormal investigating and equipment through our events, seminars and articles we publish. We volunteer our time at Black Rock House providing the general public with a full paranormal investigator experience and donate 100% of the ticket price directly back to Black Rock House. We also have entered into a partnership with the National Trust of Victoria who are opening the doors to one of their properties each month for a public paranormal investigation hosted by Paranormal X Files. In all our events we cannot guarantee something paranormal, however all of the scientific equipment and knowledge to assist you on your very own paranormal investigation. The team look at a scientific side using temperature, data loggers, EMF Data Loggers, EMF readers, Portable Kinect and all the popular equipment you know and love. In addition to this we also use experimental ITC equipment such as the GD Box. We encourage thinking outside the box when it comes to paranormal investigating and incorporate this mantra in all of our events. Anyone with an interest int eh paranormal is welcome to attend.


Twisted History

Twisted History runs nightly ghost tours and a range of paranormal investigations of the Old Geelong Gaol, a 3 story bluestone building, believed to be the only intact 19th century prison left in Victoria.  Our investigators have a range of skills they utilise to try and make contact with those who lived behind these walls and perhaps never left!  

Twisted History also run a range of investigation nights at a number of Victorian Hotels.  These nights generally include dinner, a cemetery walk and investigations of area of the hotel not normally accessible during the day.  

For more details on all our tours and investigations, visit our webpage at or call 1300865800"

Victorian Phantom Hunters

Victorian Phantom Hunters are a paranormal investigation team located in Victoria Australia. We investigate the paranormal very seriously using scientific equipment and a diverse team of experienced and trainee investigators. Victorian Phantom Hunters works alongside some other great teams including Investigating for Lantern Ghost Tours.

Troy Williams is the founder and lead researcher and after some personal experiences that left many unanswered questions earlier on in life started reading and studying the Paranormal.

In 2005 Troy formed Victorian Phantom Hunters and after a decade of continual research and investigating we are dedicated to helping people who are going through difficulties with any kind of paranormal problems specialising in personal cases and Homes. We are all continually learning and growing in the field and will work with any team supporting paranormal unity. Victorian Phantom Hunters do not charge for anything including investigations, advice, referrals.


VPI - Victorian Paranormal Investigators

PI Australia is a small group of people working together in exploring the paranormal world in Melbourne.  We are also willing to do private investigations at your home or place of business etc at your request, variable rates on call outs may apply depending whereabouts in Melb and Vic. Each member has their own specialties within the paranormal field, by using a variety of camera's & other gadgets, we collect evidence in order to prove whether or not ghost's & spirits exist.

From time to time we organize a public investigation of known haunted places (check regularly), you get to come along & experiment with some gadgets & experience a night as an paranormal investigator.  We are here to help with any questions you may have about the paranormal world.

Phone Vpi on - 0400791613


Western District Paranormal

WDP is a paranormal investigation group, located in Miners Rest Victoria. Currently sporting a team of 3 dedicated investigators, WDP uses both logic, specialist equipment and scientific methods to investigate and question paranormal phenomenon across Victoria.

WDP's investigative services are free to the community and they can be contacted via email.

WDP also produces a small range of ParaProducts including IR illuminators, EM Pumps, Vibration Detectors and Electrostatic Field Detectors. WDP ParaProduct are available for sale to the public on a made to order basis. WDP ParaProduct is a sideline to a full time job for Craig (WDP's Founder), hence the made to order nature of sales, no stock is carried. IR Illuminators can be customised to individual customer requirement.


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