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Carmar Paranormal Investigators

Carmar Paranormal Investigations is a non profit group founded by Marty and Caroline Veenstra. Our aim is to show people around us and the media of strange occurrences while also debunking the fake or natural phenomenon. 

We document all paranormal and physical evidence and present our findings to our client. Our aim is to help to achieve balance and bring peace back into your environment. 

We at Carmar are experienced Paranormal Investigators who have 20 years collective experience between us in the field of Paranormal Disturbances and deal with both investigating and dealing with paranormal activity.
Our team of Psychics, Mediums and Sensitives use with our combined abilities help locate and communicate with the spirits that are troubling your home or business. Over the years we have had great success in dealing with Paranormal Phenomena combining a Scientific and a Spiritual approach to our investigations.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/carmarparanormalinvestigations/info

Launceston Paranormal Investigators

Founded in 2011 by Conor Miller-Kaukenas & Brendan Crates, the Launceston Paranormal Society provides free professional paranormal investigations and consultation to the people of Launceston and Tasmania.

This includes investigative and consultative services of paranormal activity in residential premises, businesses and external surrounds. Our investigations include history research and findings reports.

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Launceston-Paranormal-Society/147131695350424?fref=ts


Paranormal Tasmania investigate known and unknown locations around Tasmania. We investigate all types of locations including private residences in a respectful and professional manner; our goal is to capture phenomena using cameras and other recording equipment. We never charge for any investigations. These services can be public or completely confidential as well.Our other aim is to put another spin on tourism in Tasmania and hopefully generate extra interest in the wider world and encourage more visitors to our beautiful state Tasmania.

Paranormal Tasmania investigate all aspects of the paranormal. We also run tours, education seminars and other public events.
Paranormal Tasmania are Mike Phillips and Sarah Applebee.

Website:  http://www.paranormaltasmania.space/

Tasmania's Paranormal Experiences


Tasmania's Paranormal Experiences (TPE) is a paranormal group based in Hobart, Tasmania. We are dedicated to finding out what happens after death. TPE partakes in private and public investigations, as well as special international events regarding the paranormal. (NGHD). Our investigation ethic is based on the deconstruction theory, which always aims to disprove hauntings through the collection of data and logic. Anything that cannot be logically explained through the data or by practical observation is therefore 'unexplained' or perhaps paranormal.

While undertaking this adventure in understanding the nature of the afterlife, our second goal is to educate, engage and encourage the paranormal community. We educate and engage the community through hosting controversial discussions on our Facebook page and keeping the topic fresh and interesting. We also release periodic 'episodes' of haunted locations in and outside the state of Tasmania, which shows off the rich and haunted histories of Australia. Hopefully, after we have educated and engaged the paranormal community, we encourage and advise aspiring investigators. TPE is not just an investigation team, rather a support base for the paranormal community. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HomeofTPE/

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUxgm-ur117Mgct6j8fvjqw?view_as=subscriber

Website: https://homeoftpe.wordpress.com/

Team Paranormal Australia

Team Paranormal Australia is a group of like minded people seeking the truth about the paranormal and bringing it to the world in a documentary styled show played exclusively on YouTube. The group has done investigations in to several private residences and most notably the Penitentiary Chapel Historic Site where evidence of the famous spirit Ivy's ghost was captured in the form of footsteps after one of our cameras mysteriously turned off.

Website:  https://www.facebook.com/TeamParanormalAustralia



TPI Tasmania

T.P.I. is a small group of Paranormal Investigators based in Tasmania, Australia. We are a non for profit group, we do not do tours strictly just investigations. Users from all parts of the world are welcome at T.P.I Tasmania. T.P.I was started in 2015 and consists of five main members and growing amounts of supporters. We do not charge to investigate your home, a medium can be arranged if need be these readings are charged. Our Medium is Andy Lang please see Andys Page click Readings in the main menu to arrange a personal reading, cleansing etc. Thank you for supporting T.P.I Tasmania!

Website:  http://tpi-tasmania.com/


Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation

We at Wraith Paranormal Research and Investigation we know that not everything you see, hear, smell or feel is in your imagination.
Using scientific analysis equipment amongst other tools we can come to your home, business or anywhere you feel that there may be something present and make a detailed assessment. 
Whether you are curious or concerned we are here to help. We will always act with compassion and complete confidentiality. Whilst we are friendly and client focused we consider our research to be of the highest standard and a great deal of care is taken whilst gathering information.
Wraith Paranormal Investigation also works with the Launceston Paranormal Society and they assist with investigations bringing not only experience and technical equipment but a very high standard of investigation but also a strict method and practice.
Although we are located in Launceston we will travel if necessary. The statewide service is free of charge.

Website:  http://wraithparanormal.blogspot.com.au/

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