QLD - Queensland Paranormal Teams

API - Australian Paranormal Investigators

Australian Paranormal Investigators (API) are a small team of dedicated researchers primarily based in Brisbane, Qld.  We operate on a logic first basis and approach from a scientific point of view and our combined knowledge and experience allows our clients the benefit of a thorough and in-depth investigation. We understand that not all things are explainable by science but our vast range of experiences allows us to provide our clients with the necessary support based on their needs.

Location: Brisbane and surrounding areas (extensive travel available from anywhere between Maryborough to Coffs Harbour)

Website: https://www.facebook.com/Australian-Paranormal-Investigators-136880836334385/?pnref=lhc

Downunder Paranormal

We are a small team of paranormal researchers and investigators, based in Brisbane, Qld.  We support clients across southern Queensland and Northern NSW who experience unexplained phenomenon. Using a wide range of scientific equipment, we conduct logic-based paranormal investigations and historical research for private and business clients on a no-fee basis.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Downunder-Paranormal/114653708629278

DUST - Down Under Spirit Team

Down Under Spirit Team (DUST) was established in Sept 2012. DUST is based in South East Queensland, and is willing to travel up to 3 hours in each direction to help someone in need. DUST does not charge for investigations! DUST was formed with two clear objectives in mind, to investigate the paranormal, and to help people that are troubled by paranormal happenings. DUST will investigate any location necessary, businesses (private or public), private households, tourism locations, etc, etc. DUST will look to try and debunk any claims, or evidence found, and look for common / native reasons for any evidence found, before looking to the paranormal. DUST believes that communication is paramount, and will always keep in contact with you before, during and after investigations.

Website:  http://www.dustinvestigations.com.au/


Feather Foot Paranormal

Feather Foot Paranormal is a Non Profit, fully insured Paranormal Investigation team based North of Brisbane, Qld.

We aim to research and investigate the Paranormal from Indigenous to Non-Indigenous aspects, we have much respect for Culture and will use it when dealing with Indigenous spirits.

We consult with a Clairvoyant Medium who is Aboriginal and has vast knowledge of Indigenous Culture. 

We have team members who are sensitives but we also use equipment to try to capture evidence to determine whether a location has Paranormal activity. We look at things from a scientific as well as a spiritual point of view and we are professional in what we do.

Website:  http://www.featherfootparanormal.com/

G.A.P.S - Gladstone Area Paranormal Services


Gday my name is Daniel. My team and i are not endorsed however we have a deep seeded interest in the paranormal. I have personally experienced things of a paranormal nature and while i don't claim to be an expert i look at things from every angle. My group and i are prepared to listen to any story's and investigate them. If you wish to have us investegate any form of disturbance from violent entitys to cold spots please feel free to contact me.

Best contact details: Duf.field.3@outlook.com

Ghosts Inc

Ghosts-Inc are a Gold Coast, Queensland, Australian based group who have a goal to gather information that will lead to a better understanding of ghosts, hauntings and other paranormal activity. We also encourage people to share their stories with us, because a good ghost story combines real history and local urban legends

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ghosts-Inc/157842384226548






Based in North Brisbane QLD, MysticJewelzAU prides itself in bringing an Authentic and Genuine Spiritual and Paranormal Connection to the Paranormal Community. 

Having vast knowledge and skills in all aspects in the field, we are able to assist people who need help with possible hauntings, with practical guidance, advice and solutions.
Other services provided are Paranormal Guided Tours, opportunities to learn investigation skills, develop gifts and abilities, and much more. 

Please feel free to check out our Facebook Page for more information: https://www.facebook.com/MysticJewelzAU

Best contact details: mystic.jewelz.au@gmail.com

Nunnehi Shadow Seekers


Nunnehi Shadow Seekers is a small paranormal investigative group in Rockhampton. We are fully insured, non for profit, self funded team. We offer our services for free within our region up and including 3 hour drive in all directions. Together with myself and my team we have a combined 17 years experience researching the paranormal. If you require help please contact Michelle on 0476 795 413.

Best contact details: Michelle 0476 795 413

Strange Encounters Downunder

Strange Encounters Downunder is based in Brisbane and investigates and records personal accounts of the unexplained.

Alien Contact, Ghosts, Apparitions, Mystical Experiences, Near Death & Dying, Hauntings, Afterlife, Out of Body, Healing, Past Lives, Poltergeists, Remote Viewing, Electric Voice Phenomena, Speaking in Tongues and much more. 

We cover the South East Queensland and Northern NSW areas but can travel. We also skype Australia wide.  Where possible we like to film personal testimonies.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Strange-Encounters-Downunder/1531133507125862

Paranormal Paratek Queensland

Queensland paranormal investigations & historical researching. Paratek is a State Government registered, fully insured not-for-profit incorporated association.

Paratek is committed to conducting successful paranormal investigations. We investigate the site history thoroughly before commencing any investigation.
Mission statement:- "Seeking Truth By Evidence". Utilizing state of art detection equipment used in this field of research within Australia.

Paratek will scrutinize all obtained data carefully & thoroughly before a comprehensive report is presented on the conclusion of our paranormal investigation. Paratek is Queensland state wide & has undertaken several high profile heritage site investigations to date.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paranormal-Paratek/166259010111250?sk=info&tab=page_info

Paranormal Adventures from Miha

We are based in the Ipswich, QLD area and we run paranormal investigation nights for the public regularly to give people interested in the paranormal an opportunity to attend an investigation events located on the page. We also do private locations and we travel around and do tours and investigations around Australia attending as many haunted locations as we can and video to the page networking with all other teams across the states.

Best contact details: 0406 184 050

Paranormal Project

We are a paranormal investigation team that specializes in tech and the spiritual side of things. We explore all logical explanations before the paranormal. We service South East Queensland.

For more info visit our website: http://www.paranormalproject.com.au

Frontline Paranormal

Soul Patrol Paranormal.jpg

Nate is the lead investigator for Soul Patrol Paranormal.

We are only a small team and are keen to investigate any location. With various pieces of equipment, we strive to capture proof of the paranormal, and debunk what is not.

Best contact details: 0447 217 966

Transcending Normal

We perform investigations using up-to-date technology and equipment. Think you have a haunting? We may be able to provide alternative explanations for phenomena, or capture proof that what you have is real.

We can perform investigations of locations upon invitation to do so. We are a completely not-for-profit organisation and the cost of all our equipment and our time in both performing investigations and analysing data is done at our own expense.

All investigations are conducted with complete respect for the location as well as anything paranormal which may be present.

Website: http://hauntinghelp.wix.com/transcendingnormal

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