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Are you looking at starting a paranormal group? Or looking to find a someone to replace? You're handling more cases and need extra help? Or you're a medium looking to grow your skills by working with a paranormal team?

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Looking to participate in any existing PRGs or form a new active group

Location: Sydney Metro/CBD area

Role/Tasks: My name is Leo and I can bring to a group 20+ years research into the paranormal, solid technical background and a fun sociable open-minded personality.

Although I approach the subject with a technical, analytical, unbiased view, I would not consider myself strictly sceptical but I maintain a natural disposition to debunk, disprove, troubleshoot, reason and explain phenomena through scientific analysis and method. I do however approach the work with an open mind, having had personal experiences myself over the years. I am passionate about data analysis via multiple instrumentation, in particular audio, video and RF sensors, devices and gadgets. 

I am willing to volunteer or fill in for any technical/specialist, investigative or communication roles within existing active groups. I do own some equipment that I have collected over the years but it is far from complete (yet!).
Alternatively, if you are looking to join and help establish a fresh new active; start-up group in the Sydney Metro area, and become one of the founders providing invaluable experience, leadership, time and/or equipment, also let me know.

Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer

Contact made via email

Psychic medium looking for a team to join

Location: Sydney and surrounds

Role/tasks offered: Experienced psychic practicing since 1995 looking to work with a paranormal team(s).  My primary interest is cemeteries, abandoned and historic sites but I have also done a lot of work with individuals experiencing psychic phenomena, possession, over-shadowing etc. I am new to the paranormal investigation field but I'm a quick learner and have a down to earth approach.

Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer
Contact: Allison via email

Looking to join a Paranormal Research Group

Location: Sydney CBD and surrounding areas.

Role/Tasks offered: I’m currently looking to join an existing paranormal research group. Although currently I have no investigatory experience, I am very keen to learn andparticipate in a paranormal investigations. Paranormal activity has been an

interest of mine since primary school when my family and I went on a holiday to New Orleans where we stayed in a hotel that was fortuitously built over an American Indian burial site while unexplained events pursued.

I would love to be given the opportunity to volunteer my services to any one willing to take me on. I’m an easy going, rational 24 year old who craves knowledge and experience.If you have a voluntary position for me don't hesitate to contact me (Nathan) on 0405 767 123 or via e-mail

Looking at offering the central west a companion / workgroup

Wanting to create a group to betterunderstandings and offer aid in anyway possible to prevent instabilities causing upheaval or traumas due to misunderstood concepts to both ALIEN & Paranormalities working on not just a counseling level but also a spiritual level. Past experience and personal research as well as enrolled in counselling diplomacy whilst looking at everything available to better gain growth and knowledge in forms of courses in many different religious beliefs and on spiritual levels. Understanding of many facits within realms and emmotional responses as well as continued research on several different levels. I am networking with other local professionals to also gain furthering aids and assistance in areas to guide those who are in need. Past job history of working with many areas in community interactions with great communication skills and understanding, excellent personality attributes and a common drive to really help and heal. Attunement to visualisations, senses and attaining development of further abilities. 0427922645 02 68856921. Inflicted Eunoia -Renee Wade (Prisk) DUBBO & Central West N.S.W.

Psychic Medium looking to join a paranormal team

I am a natural born psychic/medium with particular interest in ghost/ entity hunting. I read Tarot as a 2nd job for last 40 yrs and love having this ability. I also read photos and psychometry is also a talent. I  consider it a gift and treat it respectfully. I would love to join a Team and go on locations in hope of contact with Spirits. I have an interest in Dark Entities,while its an interest I respect the entity and do not purposely invite it to me. My number is 0414812074 or if you would like to contact me.

Looking for anyone whom is interested in joining and finding evidence

Hi my name is Ken and I am looking at starting my own volunteer paranormal team looking for anyone whom is interested in joining and finding evidence. Have been interested in the paranormal for many years. Would like someone whom is a bit tech savvy and people to investigate with me and learn from each other. No experience in investigating needed but would like to have people whom love the thought of investigation places. It will be a volunteer group to go out, have fun and look for answers. I have some gear but if you have some of your own that would be great. I live in Cessnock NSW. My email is or mobile 0423 428 302.

Looking to join or start a paranormal group.

Location: Sydney CBD and surrounding areas. I drive so traveling is no problem at all.

Role/Tasks offered: Hi Everyone my name is Adrian i am a very open minded down to earth 26 year old. Ive had a passion in paranormal investigating for the past 9 years. Looking to either create or join a group.
Just as yourselves reading this i have a great passion for paranormal research and investigating and would like to find a bunch of friendly and like-minded people to share it with.
I do have my own equipment such as spirt box, K2 Meters IR camera laser grid and more..
I am trying to find people who have the same passion as myself. Volunteer or paid does not bother me.. i personally wouldn't mind because in the end its all for the passion we have.
With that being said, if you have a voluntary position or would like to form a new group i really urge you to contact me.
(Adrian Colagrossi) - 0413350597 or via email at
If you have Facebook feel free to contact me on that just search Adrian Colagrossi.

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Maryanne Poulos

Details of Role/Tasks: I'm looking to grow my mediumship skills, happy to team up with any group in the Sydney area.

Location (City & State): Sydney, NSW

Best contact details:

Looking to grow my mediumship skills and would love to team up with any group in the Sydney or Newcastle area

I'm looking to grow my mediumship skills, and would love to team up with any group in the Sydney or Newcastle area I classify myself as a psychic empath /sensitive /healer. My interest are cemeteries, abandoned and historic sites ect..I am very keen to learn and participate in paranormal investigations on a voluntary basis for this for me is not considered work but my life.but also would love to work with individuals dealing with psychic phenomenon and needing help around this area. My mother grandmother and great grandmother were psychic's growing up in Paddington our place had many portals for many spirits to come and go, i am so drawn to them since I can remember. My main interests are photography around the paranormal field. I believe I'd be a great team player with a want to lean as much as I can and enhance my abilities with a fun personality outgoing and someone ppl as well as spirits get drawn to, and to top it off I'm a night owl lol a 24/48 hr stint is a breeze for me.
Sending love and light hope to hear from you guys soon xo

Best contact details: Facebook ( Monique Clark Yule) or 0418 775 838

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Dominic Barbagallo

Details of Role/Tasks: I am looking to break into the Paranormal activity scene. I am 22 years old and am a quick and keen learner, I can travel anywhere around Australia and even overseas for opportunities. I am looking for full time paid work in this field and have a sharp eye behind the camera.

Best contact details: Best contact via email.

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Daniel

Details of Role/Tasks: Interested in investigating, skeptic by nature.

Location: Sydney South West

Best contact details:

My name is Juan Sebastian Garcia and I am currently a 3rd year university student studying in Sydney. I have had my first experience when I was in 6th grade back at home. Ever since that I've been able to see, interact, and feel spirits. At the moment, I am looking to join a paranormal team and I am willing to go to investigations if possible. If you have any questions regarding myself or my experiences, I would gladly share them. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Contact email:

Name: john blundell

Location (City & State): nsw - tweed heads

Details of Role/Tasks: hello im new to the scene and wish to join or form a new group to learn to work in as a tech. i can get to places from murwillumbah to gold coast. i have no experience or equipment yet

Best contact details Email Address:

Name: Rachel Durrant

Location (City & State): Sydney

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Paranormal group

Details of Role/Tasks: Paranormal team member

Best contact details:

Name: Leon ng

Location (City & State): NSW

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Hi, I am from singapore and have moved to sydney 1years 8 months ago. Looking to join the paranormal group as volunteer as i have been in these area of interest since my younger days in singapore.

Details of Role/Tasks: i am able to perform any task which is relevant to the subject other than endangering myself of cause :)

Best contact details: Contact me at or my personal cell 0451 846 571


Paranormal Investigator looking for a team to join
Location: Heathcote, Victoria
I've been taking photo's and filming paranormal activity for 13 years and would like to work with a paranormal team. I have my own camera equipment and would like to learn more by investigating along side other people.
I can be contacted by
Wanted medium for house clearings and paranormal investigations
We are Northern Melbourne Paranormal and are looking for a medium for house clearings and paranormal investigations. Must be experienced with all aspects of clearings from friendly spirits to the dark and more nasty spirits. Will need to be willing to travel around VIC. We are located in northern suburbs of Melbourne and are not for profit group, so the role will be volunteer based. If interested, feel free to email

Medium/Clairvoyant looking to assist a paranormal team

Location: Melbourne

I am a natural Meduim- Clairvoyant and I am interested in joining a team to help in any paranormal investigations.I have a great deal of experience in house and land clearings-blessings and my strengths are Mediumship-Clairvoyance-Healer and Psychic Spiritual Counsellor for over 25 years.I am currently being guided to expand my gifts in a new field of work, paranormal investigation and would like to be part of a team who are in need of my psychic abilities. I am based in Melbourne but due to my own family and work commitments can not travel out of the area.If you sense I am the one perfectly suited for your team, please contact me.Email:

Licensed Investigator looking to join/assist/work with existing paranormal groups or persons.

Hi, my name is Steph, I'm 29 and I have had a life long interest in the paranormal which has lead to various experiences, this includes traveling to haunted locations/buildings around Victoria and NSW.As a licensed private investigator I am experienced in conducting research on locations and building history. I have a heightened sensitivity to the paranormal, and would therefore like to assist in both the research aspect, as well as investigate the hauntings.Feel free to contact me on 0401 291 814, or alternatively on my email

Leon Yang

All good, honest and innocent kinds!!!

Email Address:

Very keen to join a group and get involved

Location: Victoria

Hi Guys, I'm very keen to join a group and get involved please. I have been taking pics at Carr Villa of a night and had some very weird experiences there.

Last week I was taking pics in the dark in just black and white repeat shutter when an old fellow came out of nowhere walking towards me, I took repeat pics of him coming towards me and he said good morning as he walked past, I said hi and he kept going, I turned and kept taking pics of him from the back and he just seemed to of petered out.

I have my pics blown up and developed and guess what? No Fellow in any of my pics, just the background! why? Grrr was this a ghost? and why did he say good morning when it was late night?? Hmmmmm.

Await your reply in joining pls.

Ta Steve

Email address:

Looking to be a part of a team

My name is Neha and I am looking to be a part of investing team because since my child I can see some things and feel who no one can feel around me may be I am having this as a gift which I still have explored but not know the right way.


Natural Born Psychic Medium

I am Sasha Alexander and I'm a natural born medium and psychic, have been reading Tarot very well for 41yrs and am very accurate. I am great with sensing paranormal activity, reading photos and psychometry.

I have relocated to Victoria and would love to become part of a Team of Investigators. I am also a skeptic and will often require proof of accuracy,I'm not one who just takes things at face value. I am available for individual paid sessions and removal of Spirits/Entities. My fees are reasonable and require a deposit prior to the activity.

Contact email:

Looking to start a small paranormal group

Hey looking to start a small paranormal group I'm sure it will be a lot of hard work starting this up but looking for passionate people who are wanting to learn more and experience it as a team looking for someone who is willing to help me get my dream on the move please feel free to contact me and we can go from there
Regards, James.

Contact email:

Natural Psychic and Medium looking to join investigative team or form one.

Name: Michelle Douglas

Location (City & State): Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Details of Role/Tasks: My name is Michelle im a young 50 years old ,honest,straight forward,analytical and have had my ability since the age of 7. I pride myself on my natural ability and the respect and integrity that i have for it and the spirit world that i so strongly believe have chosen to give it to me .

I would like to join a serious investigative group or form one. 

I have specialised in the last few years on high profile crime cases,missing persons cases,unexplained high profile deaths and private hauntings in homes. This investigative mediumship work just seems to find me, even from overseas and leading to people ive only dreamt of ever seeing, to being haunted by spirit activity in Vegas hotels or in disneyland .
It is in this field of paranormal investigation work leading to working to solve cases through their often haunted surroundings and associates, that i would like to involve others in and i have a few ideas . 

My life with the spirit world have left me with incredible paranormal experiences to draw on and the belief that its the spirit world that dictates our daily living world.
I'm also sceptical and its always bothered me that nobody has actually sourced accepted proof of a spirit world that i know exists. Im determined to change that
Im not your typical Psychic,because Im a sceptic ...but im not sceptical of the paranormal, maybe just of those that give it a bad name .

I have a strong belief that the world can offer answers that are not easily found by the living and i think its time we begin to focus on using our skills to find the truth and proof of the spirit world without it only being found at asylums or homesteads. The paranormal research world has much more to offer than trying to find its proof by living in the past,maybe we neec to find that proof with the present .

If you have equipment skills, integrity, research ability ,an interest in legitimate paranormal research and transparent results ehile treating those within its confines or existence respectfully, please get in touch . If you have a group already and require a mecium who is also a sceptic and a straight shooter,then please contact me. 

I am in Victoria in the outer west, but happy to travel to join investigations or a group including interstate work on a paid/ unpaid or volunteer basis with groups needing a medium .

I do not seek payment for being a involved in groups .

Best contact details:

Name: Jean Smith

Email Address:

Paragraph about your team or group: I don't have a team but I have had a paranormal experience where I lived before I moved and have wanted to get one of those devises that can detect paranormal energy.

Best contact details: 0422430193

Name: Anjana Abeyratne

Email Address:

Hey I'm Individual, I have lot of experience in these things, in my country i participated these events , there is a group in my country they said my dead fathers soul still with us , i was , shocked and emotional after that ,( actually lots of incidents happened in that period) but after that i was so scared , also i was curious about that subject , so i reads books , investigated some incidents by my self , most of the stories i don't believe ( mental issues ) but some story's cant believe, I have Strong soul, also not afraid to anything, i just want to do some activities, so i was thinking start by my self 

Best contact details: 0420 380 293


Looking for Investigators to create a new paranormal team

Location: South AustraliaRole/Tasks: My name is Torey B. Scott and I am a practicing occultist of seventeen years. I've recently migrated to Australia and I am looking for a team of paranormal investigators with whom to join as a contributing paranormal consultant and resident Demonologist.Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: VolunteerContact via mobile 0424 197 132 or emailing either address or

Group: Celestial World Australia

Role: Tech Support

Location: South Australia

Paid: Unpaid/Volunteered

Details Of Role: Celestial World Australia is seeking a committed team player that primarily works on tech support, Own equipment would be highly regarded but not necessary, They must have strong interests in the paranormal, with a solid work ethic, experienced in a base knowledge of photography, computers, cameras, digital voice analysis and the ability to work under pressure and remain calm and collected.

Please Contact Michael Barnett: 0407 728 680 

or email


Are you looking for a CSI who can read cards, crime scenes, peoples auras and peoples belongings?

Cold Cases are no hurdle.

Based in South Australia.

Willing to travel plus Ts and Cs Negotiable. Phone: 0410 158 499.

Psychic Medium - Debbie Moon

 30 + years experience and high level training looking for research participation, clearance, communications etc or similar opportunities...
Psychic, Past Life, ESP, Energy, Paranormal, Trance Healing, Channelling, 
"I see, hear and talk to dead people all the time!" It is only the physical body that separate us.
Profile on Linked In.
Hope to hear from you..soon!


We are new to the field and wont to learn all there is about the paranormal. We do have a face book page it you wont to follow us C Lumsy Anna. We enjoy having fun and getting to know people and place. If anyone knows of any great place in South Australia for us to investigate and share your experience with us that would be nice. 
Thank you so much for your time.
Callie & Natalie

Email Address:


Interested in joining a local or nearby group

Location: Bonny Lake, WA

My name is Joey and I'm interested in joining a local or nearby group. I haven't ever investigated but I have had experiences that have pushed me to want to do this kind of volunteering/job field. I am28 years old and dedicated.

I hope to hear back from groups or independent people with the same interests.

I can be contacted via email at or at 253-880-7554

Thanks for your time!!

 Looking for people to join me as a group in Perth

My name is Peta and I'm looking for people to join me as a group of paranormal investigators in perth WA. :)

My best contact details will be my email address

Wanting to join a team and have great historical knowledge

I want to join a team, I have loads of knowledge of a variety of locations in Western Australia, some aren't recognised on the heritage list. If there's a team that wants to make a serious attempt at putting a tv series of episodes or documentaries together, I have the historical facts, stories, locations and all the research information required, I know that if presented the right way it will attract a large audience as well as internationally. If theirs a team with the equipment and a someone as a tv presenter host, as well as camera person and editor, I'd love to get to locations and relay the history and stories of the spirits who suffered. I also have contacts with a medium and other known psychics that if need be could appear as special guests. Furthermore i know a couple of people who are involved with wa heritage listing and could allow us a personal tour of certain sites that are not open to the public. Please email me if you are interested and/or can provide a team, or perhaps get all the teams together to help participate to become one big well known group that represents WA .

Contact details: 

Looking for paranormal group in Perth

My name is Maya Claes and I'm able to do Physic photography.

Contact details: 0406 692 991  or

Heather Mills

Email address:

I am thinking of doing a ghost hunters confrence in Perth and I was wondering if all the ghost hunters would be interested in attending and giving workshops on different firms and aspects of ghost hunters. I will write a formal letter with all the topics I was thinking of having in the confrence and it would be a  three day event with a two day of ghost hunters computation among the ghost hunters to gather most evidence on two different locations and there will be a trey and their will be networking opportunity. I am writing to all ghost hunter groups would this be something that all of you would be interested in. Please let me know.

Name: Caleb Capewell

Location (City & State): Perth W.A

Details of Role/Tasks: Learning to grow skills in this area

Best contact details: Email:     Facebook: Caleb Coffin


Would like to join an existing investigation group

Location: Brisbane QLD

Details of the role/tasks person will be undertaking: I'm an Intuit and Sensitive for spirits. I have seen/felt spirits since before I can remember & I would like to develop these skills further & help people at the same time. Even though I have these gifts I like to get proof/evidence of paranormal activity as people's minds/emotions can get in the way and I love the science aspect of ghost hunting. I have always been a curious person wanting to know the "why" of everything and I usually won't give up till I have a clear answer.

Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Any

Contact name: Kate

Email address:


Looking for paranormal group in or around Brisbane

Hi I am Callan I am 20 years old and have been involved with and grown up around all things spiritual/ paranormal and psychic activities since I was only only very young, i have always felt like I don't belong or "fit in" with society because of my experiences with the paranormal I've always had an urge too know the truth of what's really going on and have researched deeply into many various things involving these scenarios , I have seen, spoken too, researched and experienced many varying paranormal experiences, I am a clairvoyant with a family background of psychics *mainly my mother and father* while I do not hold any certificates/ diplomas or professional experience I am currently underway in partaking courses in ufology and astrology as well as learning more about spirituality but studied IT and software design as well as various forms of coding for over 2 years. I have an uncanny ability and passion for all things involving paranormal and extraterrestrial occurrences, I am looking for a group or organisation who is located around Brisbane that is looking for people either *voluntary or paid services* too help me expand my knowledge and experience and skills as well as too meet and associate with more people like me.

Please contact me via

Looking to join a Paranormal Research Group

Location: Brisbane City, or surrounding areas.

I’m currently looking to join an existing paranormal research group. Although currently I have no experience, I am very keen to learn andparticipate in a paranormal investigations.
This has always been a passion of mine and have always wanted to get involved but never really knew how. 

Paid or unpaid/Volunteer

Timmy Gordon
0434 424 916

Name: Jade Weis

Email Address:

Location: Boronia Heights, Queensland

I can see and sense ghost, I have been able to do it since I was 2. I know the differences between friendly spirits and evil spirits. I have also helped many people when they believe that they ever haunted.


Rochelle Hunter The Huntress

Details of Role/Tasks: I have vast experiance in the paranormal world open minded I have seen spirits since I was 3,dreams that come true,I see spirits feel them smell them at times when they are not ever been human,I seen things chased by likens vampires,seen big foot,I have exercised homes that have been infested with demons.i help people to help them even strangers I meet come to me out of nowhere asking for help they tell me they just know I can help I have told several strangers it a loved one from the other side that guides you to me to help. There is no greater feeling than to help someone in need of the supernatural forces especially children who can be haunted or hurt by something they can't see or understand. I can help there is a need for me in the paranormal world I know I canals differenc.

Best contact details: I have email and I am also on Facebook as Rochelle Jacobs I am on Instagram as hunterson666,I am also on Twitter.or just call me on my cell 15037061584. I want to make a difference I feel in this universe the scales are tipping in the negative I would be glad to help keep things in balance the vials of worlds are thining.

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Ghost Hunting Observation Spiritualism Team

Details of Role/Tasks: I'm looking for some local people to join my group. I'm looking for a driver,someone has equipment, someone that has experience. I do have my own equipment to. I'm looking for people near or in Wayland New York, Avon new York, Geneseo new York, livonia new york , Conesus new York. I really need some people to help me out with my team please contact me as soon as possible thank you.

Location: Wayland. N.Y

Best contact details:


Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Sensitive, Empath. Looking for a group of investigators to join in the Houston area.

Details of Role/Tasks: I have over 10 years of paranormal experience. I am interested in capturing ground breaking evidence and helping those plagued by the unknown. I am a Reiki healer and have personally done over one hundred successful cleansings. I am not looking for monetary gain, I only want to help others and be a trailblazer in our field. If you or someone you know needs someone for their group/team please contact me.

Location: Houston, Texas

Best contact details:

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Grant Koeneke

Details of Role/Tasks: I'm a computer and technology geek. I'm 41 and a CTO with Video, Audio, Cloud and Software Development as my background. I'm looking to be a tech hand or the tech person of a Paranormal Investigations group. I'm gong to leave my website so you can see my background which is all technology. I've been into the paranormal my entire life and I'm ready to start chasing the proof. I'm up for any kind of haunting or possession. I'm willing part of a demonic possession as well.

Location (City & State): Irvine, CA

Best contact details: Contact me through email to start

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Joanne Daiuto

Details of Role/Tasks: Psychic, ability to cleanse an area. Fearless looking to join a team or being a support member live in Texas. Have a lot of experience across the paranormal. History buff. love Fortean cases. Will not fake experiences. Level headed and detail oriented.

Location (City&State) Azle, Texas.

Best contact details: email via

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Colin Judd Beahm

Location (City & State): Orange City Florida

Details of Role/Tasks: My details of the roles are very simple. I have been around paranormal activities most of my life. At the age of 6 7 or 8 I have start to notice paranormal activities. I am 30 years and have fallen in a position where I just put my foot down and started looking for the issues that are linked to my own experience. Luckily I have the Holy Spirit occupied with me. A lot was happened throughout my life and also see others being worked in similar ways and may not know anything about it. This has been with me along time and I am ready to find a group of people to work with. I could really use a profession in this line of work.

Best contact details: Best way to reach us is at this email:

Looking to join a Paranormal team.

Location (City & State): Cleveland, Ohio

Details of Role/Tasks: My name is Aryo and I am looking to work with a paranormal team(s). I have a few experiences dealing with dark art, possession etc. Honestly, I am new in paranormal investigation field but I' am quick learner.

Best contact details:

Looking for a team near Niagara Falls

Location (City & State): Niagara Falls, New York

Details of Role/Tasks: Ok so I really love hunting ghost because it has so many interesting things about this job and the best part is that I don't have any fears and I hunt ghost in my city with my friends all the time

Best contact details:

Looking for a group in the Orlando area or Seminole county to allow me to put my abilities to use

Location (City & State): Winter Springs, FL

Details of Role/Tasks: I am looking for a group in the orlando area or seminole county to allow me to put my abilities to use. I have 10 + years experience and I can channel spirits/other dimensional beings, see and feel energies around me vividly, read auras, i practice divination but in a way that others do not. I am not traditional in my work. I have been helping others in getting rid of unwanted entities for many years and allowing the energies to pass on to where they need to be. I am very open to these dimensions/energies that many people cannot connect to, however, I use science to explain and personally understand these things. I don't have any set beliefs or religion because i need to keep an open mind to continue to grow and expand my mind and abilities. I have done several years of research in the paranormal field, and have taught many people about it. I can attract these things to me if I desire it, and if i dont. Once you understand the basic laws of energy as well as the universal laws, there is so much you can do. I am a medium, a healer, a spiritual teacher, and have committed my life to the paranormal. I have captured footage, audio, photos, and gathered evidence that I would like to apply somewhere useful.

Best contact details (be wary about providing your phone number):

Justin Faria - Looking to be a part of a paranormal team

Location (City & State): North Carolina Charlotte

Details of Role/Tasks: Hi my name is Justin and i'm 20 years old and just moved to North Carolina. I have always been interested in Paranormal field and looking to start a career. I and will to learn and do just about anything. The best way to get in contact is e-mail

Wendy Skeen

Location (City & State): Bertrand, Nebraska

Details of Role/Tasks: I would like to join a team I am very sensitive and have had experiences through out my life, I am empathic.

Best contact details: 682-433-7084 or

Matthew Talley

Location (City & State): Las Vegas Nevada

Details of Role/Tasks: Anything needed

Best contact details:

Tyler Brown

Location (City & State): West Liberty, Kentucky

Paranormal Group: Unbridled Paranormal

Details of Role/Tasks: we are looking for investigators of all shapes and sizes. We are looking for everything from seasoned investigators all the way to the new kid on the block with a recorder. we do make light of the situation but we take the subject very seriously. We take all paranormal disturbance cases but we specialize in demonic cases and prefer it that way, we consider it to be our calling. We are also looking for sensitives, mediums, psychic mediums. All are welcome, just keep in mind we are all volunteers devoted to helping others.

Best contact details (be wary about providing your phone number):

Name: Jonathan Cassada

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Adolphus paranormal research society

Location (City & State): Adolphus, USA

Details of Role/Tasks: help aid and get rid of supernatural entities as well as provide knowledge and information regarding the circumstances. use camera, evp, etc.. document and record proof of the paranormal.

Best contact details: Contact Jonathan Cassada- cell- 270-943-4983 or Shawn Cassada at cell- 270-606-5251

Name: Savannah Rodriguez

Location (City & State): Nassau County, New York

Details of Role/Tasks: After having many experiences growing up, I finally stopped being scared of what was often happening to me. I want to offer help and embrace the sixth sense I was born with, so I can hopefully offer peace to those wanting to pass over, and to perhaps even help those that struggle like I did.

Best contact details: By email: 

Name: Jenn Zorn

Location (City & State): Savannah, GA

Details of Role/Tasks: Experienced medium looking to join a group.

Best contact details:

Name: Ariela Ariel Nazarene

Location (City & State): Allenhurst, GA

Details of Role/Tasks: I'm a psychology/parapsychology and anthropology student.
I also have a vast amount of real life experience involving the paranormal, both of what most would consider good and bad.
I'd like to propose an idea of counseling those who've dealt with the paranormal, a long with helping them solve those issues with investigative work and so on.

Best contact details (be wary about providing your phone number): Email: 
I live approx 20 min from Savannah, GA

Name: Alexus Butler

Location (City & State): Layton, Utah

Details of Role/Tasks: Looking fir group to join

Best contact details (be wary about providing your phone number):

Name: Bernadette Rodriguez

Email Address:

Location (City & State): KINGSTON

Details of Role/Tasks: Technical Lead/ Control Center and Part-Time investigatior. Duties will include management and distribution of our camera equipment when on an investigation. Also, taking care of as well as bringing to our attention of any new equipment our team could purchase. This is a volunteer position. No Pay. Must be available for team meeting and investigations. Only serious persons apply.

Best contact details: Apply on Facebook or message us at
Or send resume to

Team/Group Website (if applicable):

Name: Chris Howard

Location (City & State): Readyville tn 37149

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Chris howard

Details of Role/Tasks: Tabita crawford

Best contact details: Email Address:

Name: Veronica raudales

Location (City & State): Los Angeles, California

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Myself

Details of Role/Tasks: I want to learn more about paranormal activity. An assistant.

Best contact details:

Name: Halie Stewart

Location (City & State): Portland, Oregon

Details of Role/Tasks: Paranormal Investigators Wanted for On-Going Investigations of the Shanghai Tunnels in Portland, Oregon

Paranormal Investigators are wanted for on-going investigations of the Shanghai Tunnels. Join Project Ghost, our in-house investigative team, in exploring the darkness and shadows of the infamous Portland Underground. The Portland Underground has been designated by the Travel Chanel the tenth most haunted place in North America (making it the most haunted place in Portland).

There are very limited positions available, so contact us soon. All perspective applicants will have to fill out a Volunteer Application and may have to go through an interview. Only serious applicants will be considered.

Please email us at, explaining your interest in Project Ghost and the Shanghai Tunnels, and any previous experience you have investigating the paranormal.

Best contact details:

Name: Amado Ramirez Jr.

Email Address: 

Location (City & State): Napa, California

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Amado Ramirez Jr.

Details of Role/Tasks: Since I was young , I have had the ability sense Entities through the veil. Our Grandmother was a " Curandera" and I inherited those gifts. Besides having" Clairsentient " and " Clairaudience" abilities, I am a Dream Walker, Dream interpreter, I have cleared houses with lost spirits, suicide souls and other types. I send them to the "Light' by creating a " Protective Cirlcle" , I work with Angelic beings, Animal spirits and Nature Spirits. My Animal spirits are the " Raptors" Diurnal and Nocturnal. I work with various tools depending on each situation, whether it may be a Feather wand, Sage, Tobacco or other essential herb mix, Rosary, Crucifix, Holy water, Drums, Rattles, various Divination tools, Phurba or Vajra. I create Medicine Bundles for specific individuals, Talismans or Amulets, I find information about a place or thing by " Dream Walking"( Psychometry). I have taught classes before on this Esoteric subject. 

Thank you
Amado Ramirez Jr.


Name: Maria Cervantes

Location (City & State): Radford, Va

Details of Role/Tasks: I am very interested in paranormal investigations. Where I live we have an abandoned place called “St. Alband Santatorium” I’ve only did an investigation with a group once. You usually have to pay but I can’t afford to and I’d really like to do some investigating there

Best contact details:

Name: Marleta Cummings

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Rockville Maryland

Details of Role/Tasks: Work with paranormal team (weaponry)

Best contact details:

Name: Jenny McAtee

Location (City & State): Buckhannon WV

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Paranormal State

Details of Role/Tasks: Eve always had a gift i can see and talk to the earth bound eve tried other jobs but they want accept me because I have learning disabilities and they think I want do things

Best contact details: or  (1304) 472_7968. Would Love to travel with heather taddy. Katrina Wellman or Chad and Ryan quell I know Ryan through the internet I trust them

Name: Mekesha Cody

Location (City & State): Big Stone Gap, Virginia, USA

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Paranormal group

Details of Role/Tasks: Want to be a invesgater

Best contact details:

Name: Harrison Heike

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Tonganoxie, Kansas

Details of Role/Tasks: I have none to very little experience in paranormal investigation but Is a dream of mine to become a very experienced paranormal investigator.

Best contact details: Cell phone 9133695438

Name: Lori Gordon

Email Address:

Location (City & State): GA

Details of Role/Tasks: Please call me or get details.

Name: keenan sutton

Email Address:

Location (City & State): eastampton nj

Details of Role/Tasks: im not scared to face my fears i dont have any question about it im down for it

Best contact details: 6094988710

Team/Group Website:

Name: Stephanie Christensen

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Sierra vista arizona

Details of Role/Tasks: I've seen them sense I was very young and throughout my growing up I've helped some move on and been hurt by another.almost every house i have lived in I can sense when they are near. I've always dreamed of being able to be a paranormal investigator I know I could be of some help.

Best contact details: Eather my e mail or call me at 520-499-7482

Name: Jamie Frank

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Fountain Valley, CA

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Jamie Frank

Details of Role/Tasks: I am looking for the opportunity to work with a team to test my skills. Six years ago I had something happen that turned on a bunch of abilities I never knew I had. One of them is a sensitivity to the other side....footprints ghosts, dark energies, and the demonic. If I happen to be in a place where there is some kind of paranormal activity, it will usually try to interact with me. Everything from something subtle to a full on demonic attack can take place. The dark energies and demonic energies usually attack....they don't seem to like my presence. I am an energy healer and given the right environment can exorcise out a dark or demonic entity. I have had my own personal experience with a demonic possession resulting in 2 exorcisms to remove the entity. I'm pretty well versed in protection and cleansing of one's home. I would love an opportunity to work with or shadow a professional team to see what I can learn and maybe offer some insight.

Name: Carrie Trimble

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Lake Elsinore California

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: We are ghost rescue crew (team) and we have a group page on Facebook called lake elsinore paranormal society

Details of Role/Tasks: we are a team of mediums/psychics that communicate with spirits, clear negative energy, close portals and do spirit rescuing.
Cat marlatt
David riggins
Carrie Trimble
Kathy Goldenez

Best contact:
951 805-1672


Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Gen Seymour, The Shadow Ones

Details of Role/Tasks: Exploring abandoned buildings and paranormal investigating

Location (City & State): Montreal Canada Quebec

Best contact details : 438 502 8325

Name: Cory Littlejohn

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Winnipeg man

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: 15 year old looking to create a ghost hunting team

Details of Role/Tasks: I have had interest in ghost hunting I am 15 but I want to start a ghost hunting team i live in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada and if anyone could help me create a group/ team that would be helpful

Best contact details: Feel free to contact. Me at 631-296-2322 email me at :

Name: Alex Dempster

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Waterloo, IA

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: My spouse Angel, an myself are looking to get involved with a local paranormal investigation crew

Details of Role/Tasks: I grew up around paranormal situations an have grown a passion for it as well as my girlfriend Angel... We plan to start our own team someday but for now we hope to join a local team in are area. We are very serious about this opportunity and look forward to joining a crew an establishing a career in this work.. we are both very educated about Demons, Spirits, Ghost, Poltergeists, ect.. please don't hesitate to contact me directly if you have an opening for your crew or even just want to see if we are what your looking for

Best contact details: You can contact me through email (
Or you can contact me directly at (3199612066)


Protect to ghost by Duwa

Details of Role/Tasks: I am a simple and experience about ghost

Location: Sakinaka mumbai maharashtra

Best contact details: Email:


Videography or Photography

Details of Role/Tasks: May i request to you, if you please give me one chance then i proof you how to doing hardwork in any section . Pls .

Location: Dehli

Best contact details:Email:


Looking to investigate the paranormal

Details of Role/Tasks: I believe that ghosts are afraid of me or I may have something in me unexplored.

Location: Ghaziabad, India

Best contact details: Email


Interested in paranormal investigating

Details of Role/Tasks: Everything

Location: Badaun(243601)uttar pradesh

Best contact details: 8791787592


I want work in paranormal activities society

Name: Narsing Shelke

Location: Aurangabad Maharashtra

Best contact details+917218684472

Name: Rohit Anand

Location (City & State): India Himachal Pradesh (Shimla)

Details of Role/Tasks: 5 cases completed

Email Address:


Name: Harsh Puri

Location (City & State): Delhi

Details of Role/Tasks: I am a spiritual healer I do paranormal healings and can do anywhere required in any part of the world

Best contact details:


Name: Yash Chouhan

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Bhopal(m.p)

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: Ghost investigator

Details of Role/Tasks: I want to be a investigstor in ghost and to search different things and its my passion and i really want this job.

Best contact details: 7869774489


Email Address:

Location (City & State): NEW DELHI


Best contact details: +919082458095


Email Address:

Location (City & State): CITY=BIDAR, STATE=KARNATAK.


Best contact details: 9448829075

Name: Hitesh Kumar

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Barnala

Details of Role/Tasks: I promise i am able to play the role of a best helper during the projects as well my ideas and knowledge help my members to do the work with more efficient ..and some how I give my full efforts in order to get positive results ... (Ghost talker ,,energy seeker,)

Best contact details: Phone number is always the first priority +919780561231 as well as whats app is also a good source among all these hitesh.vatish my Instagram and if you want more contact me will meet and decide...

Name: Pratishtha Kashyap

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Delhi

Details of Role/Tasks: Wants to investigate record paranormal activities

Best contact details: 8404004363


Email Address:

Location (City & State): NELLORE, ANDHRA PRADESH

Details of Role/Tasks: investigation agent

Best contact details: 9677361819

Name: Ananda M

Email Address:

Location (City & State): India,

Details of Role/Tasks: I can handle any kind of, ghost problem

Best contact details: my contact no


Email Address:

Location (City & State): Mumbai, MAHARASHTRA Andheri west

Paranormal Group or person advertising the role: any role

Details of Role/Tasks: any role would do not afraid of ghosts

Best contact details: 7977052768

Name: Nitin kataria

Location (City & State): India

Details of Role/Tasks:I want to help people suffering from paranormal activites so I want to became a paranormal investigator. I has been doing some EVP Sessions and to be very true got some straight answers from many spirits.

Email Address:


Ghost Seekers Paranormal Group

Details of Role/Tasks: Showing guest Investigators around doing vigils. Be part of this new venture to find Ghosts are out there.

Best contact details:You can email us on

Name: Charlotte Aspden

Location (City & State): Blackburn, UK

Details of Role/Tasks: Would do any job. I'm a sensitive and empath and have had bad paranormal experience as well as attacks.

Contact: Email Address:


Juan Dorado, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Details of Role/Tasks: i want join me to you in this activities, i have the time and resources to work in this environment.

Contact via phone: +52 8116545339


Name: Rosman Abin

Email Address:

Subject: There is a paranormal team here in sabah, malaysia

Message: Want the team to be listed of their activity, they doing weekly hunting and doing it live in facebook

The facebook address is Borneo Ghost Hunter Paranormal


Name: Bojan Karapalevski

Email Address:

Location (City & State): Resen Macedonia

Details of Role/Tasks: Solving mysteries

Best contact details  Best contacting will be on my e-mail. I am on net 24/7.

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