SA - South Australia Paranormal Teams


Adelaide Spirit Chasers

Adelaide Spirit Chasers was founded by David Size in 2009. We ofter free investigations and specialize in hauntings but cover anything paranormal. We are based in Adelaide but service the all of South Australia.


Celestial World Australia

Celestial World Australia was founded by Michael Barnett with the focus on a wide variety of new age areas such as Mediumship and Spiritual Healing. Michael runs New Age courses and also conducts paranormal investigations ensuring every case is kept confidential. The CWA team uses a variety of equipment for scientific purposes and approaches all cases in a relaxed manner. CWA also uses spiritual methods such as mediumship to assist in these investigations


Eidolan Paranormal

A South Australian Paranormal Investigation Team. Investigating hauntings, UFOs, Cryptids and everything else deemed "Paranormal". Eidolon Paranormal can also be found actively interacting within the community at SA Paranormal meet-ups. We aim to find the truth about urban "ghost" legends. We also investigate private and business premises to advice clients if their building is subject to a haunting.


GCT Investigators

Are you experiencing any of the following in your home, office or a building you own:

  • Unexplained noises or footsteps?
  • Things constantly moving for no reason?
  • Feeling that you are being watched?
  • Strong odours of perfume or tobacco?
  • Shadow figures from the corner of your eye?
  • or just a general feeling you are not alone...

Then there maybe a chance that you have a ghost residing at your premises. We can conduct a full investigation into your premises and document any paranormal activity or unexplained happenings that you may be experiencing.


Ghost and Entity Paranormal Investigation

My name is Antonio Garrido, I have been investigating the Paranormal with equipment for 2 years but I have been thinking and reading about the Paranormal subject since I was a teenager.

In 2015, I started "Ghost & Entity Paranormal investigation" as a way to interact with others on this subject, G&EPi for short.

I specialise in the possibility of resurrection, magick and its potential, I also practice mediumship & analyse proof of paranormal activity.

I live in South Australia, the best way to contact me is my email: - I have joined a few groups on facebook and started my own small group called "Adelaide Paranormal SA" dedicated to the Australian Paranormal scene.

In the future I wish to investigate personal theory such as Haunted zones in Old Townships like Burra & Tea Tree Gully where I live, and the reasons for Paranormal activity of all kinds and forms, only time will tell.

Murraylands Paranormal

We are Toni, Neil, Barry and Ann - a fledgling group of Paranormal Investigators based in Murray Bridge, South Australia.




Paranormal Field Investigators

We are a small group of researchers based in Adelaide, South Australia. Our group study, research and investigate most aspects of the paranormal. We have been interested in this subject, as individuals, for many years and some of us have been investigating for over 20 years.

People who join our team consist of people with knowledge in such skills as photography, tech and electronics plus indivuduals who are prepared to sit and research the history of an area being investigated.

All investigations are treated in a professional manner, with respect and confidentiality to all persons and properties involved.

We try to conduct our investigations in a technical manner, relying on electronic equipment to monitor the situation. We are open-minded to different theories and methods as this is not an exact science. Our services are free of charge.


PIMPS (Paranormal Investigate Mobile Patrol Squad)

We are a small family group based in Goolwa, South Australia. We pride ourselves in conducting our investigations in a professional way with the latest equipment.



Paranormal Spectrum

Paranormal Spectrum is a small group of paranormal investigators and historical researchers who have dedicated their spare time to the paranormal.
We do not claim to be experts, nor do we claim that any material posted here is paranormal - we collect interesting videos, recordings and photographs and share them so others can come to their own conclusions. We are our own worse critics and will debunk wherever we can! Our team works alone and often with other teams and individuals which we feel enriches the whole experience and allows us to remain open to new ideas, concepts and experiences. Each of us have our own beliefs and our own acceptance of what is considered "evidence". We welcome any constructive comments and invite all our followers to share in our experiences.


The Paranormal Guide

The Paranormal Guide (TPG) is a new website that explores the world of the paranormal through different forms of multimedia presentation. The bulk of the website is devoted to the videos the TPG team have created focussing on different aspects of the paranormal. All topics of the paranormal are covered ranging from Ghosts and Hauntings to UFO and Aliens, Cryptozoology to Unsolved Mysteries, True Crime is also covered too. As well as video presentations TPG has a fortnightly podcast to keep people up to date with what the team is doing aswell as presenting topical discussions and answering listeners questions.

TPG also has a user forum through which people can share their experiences, information and tell a good story or two. The video and Photo galleries are open for all to browse aswell as to upload their own images and videos. 


Although The Paranormal Guide is based in South Australia it really is a nation wide website covering all states and territories.


R.U.P.I - Riverlands Unexplained Paranormal Investigators

We are a group oflocals serving not only the Riverland with all your Paranormal needs.We have many aims and goals, below is the one we are focusing on right now. We are focusing on private homes for a small documentary. Larger public investigations are under way.






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