• Fairfield Museum & Gallery The Horsley Drive & Oxford Street Smithfield Australia

Fairfield Museum and Gallery Ghost Hunt

Like many suburbs in Sydney, Fairfield has a history of colonial survival and murder that led to many legends and myths. APPI Ghost Hunts & Tours will fill you in on those myths and stories as they lead you through the old houses and businesses located on the grounds of the Fairfield Museum & Gallery. This is a 3 hour event which includes a brief tour, as well as a GHOST HUNT - an opportunity for you to use either scientific equipment, or your own psychic intuition, to try and capture your own evidence.

While we cannot promise you will actually see any ghosts, our reputable company does guarantee knowledgeable guides who can tell you the history of the area as well as the local myths and legends. The Fairfield area is home to five rivers, colonial history, cemeteries and old neighbourhoods that are reportedly haunted.

Link for more info and tickets head to https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/ghost-hunt-101-vintage-village-at-fairfield-13-august-2016-tickets-25945431484