Paranormal Project

  • Bungunyah Manor Resort 160 Long Point Road Eagle Heights Australia

TAMBORINE - Dinner with Bungunyah Spirits & Paranormal Investigation


Time: 5:00pm to Midnight

Location: Bungunyah Manor Resort, 160 Long Rd, Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine

Price: $140 (includes dinner and investigation - no accommodation). Accommodation is available by contacting the venue directly via (07) 5545 1044 or

Share an intimate evening with Gold Coast-based paranormal investigators, Paranormal Project at Mt Tamborine's Bungunyah Manor in June.

Paranormal Project psychics Lynne Heuermann and Michelle Price will use their spiritual gifts to locate and communicate with any spirits who may be present on the night plus giving you some of the history and ghost stories of Bungunyah Manor, circa 1882.

The Paranormal Project tech heads will show off some of their high-tech equipment that will be used during the investigation and outline how the evening will unfold.
You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the night.

After dinner you will join your paranormal investigators team, with each team to be allocated a particular section of the Manor to investigate. Then you will be loaded up with all of the relevant gadgets to figure out if ghosts really do exist.

This combined dinner and ghost hunt, was inspired by the very successful Dinner With Spirit events and will be limited to just 24 lucky participants.

Bungunyah is no stranger to spooky stories. A grand piano that resides in the bar area had all of its internals removed after unsettled visitors reported hearing the musical instrument play itself.

And a child spirit, believed to spend a lot of time haunting room 10, reportedly likes to move things like jewellery and car keys around. Other guests complained of being poked or whispered to while trying to drift off to sleep.

Do not delay and book your ticket today to take part in this unique experience at Bungunyah Manor.

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