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Ghost Tours Pty Ltd

  • Brisbane Australia

Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tours

Looking for a ghost tour in the Brisbane area?

Check out the following tours running every week:

Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tours - Every Thursday and Sunday at 7:30pm

Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tours via Coach - OneSaturday of each quarter at 7:30pm


Haunted Redlands Ghost Tours -  OneSaturday of each quarter at 7:30



Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tours - Wednesday at 7:30pm, Friday at 7:30pm, Friday at 8:30pm, Saturday at 7:30pm, Sunday at 7:30pm

Toowong Cemetery: The Original Tour Friday & Saturday at 7:30pm

Toowong: The Other Side Tour - Saturday at 7:30pm

South Brisbane Cemtery - Saturday at 7:30pm

To avoid disappointment, book now:

Ghost Tours Pty Ltd
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Ghost Tours Pty Ltd

  • ipswich Australia

Ipswich Cemetary Ghost Tour

Join Jack Sim at Ipswich Cemetery Ghost Tours (Friday 17th February – 8:00pm) - $20.00–$30.00

Many who grew up in Ipswich considered “spook hunting” a great weekend pastime. One of the most skin-prickling places was the Old Ipswich Cemetery.

On the edge of town, opposite the golf course and a former mental asylum, over 150 years this morbid museum of Ipswich’s past has grown to six acres; 30,000 lie here. Hundreds of pioneers and their descendants rest in the black soil – all are equal now – businessmen, politicians, mothers, fathers & children. Their stories, recorded in stone, are both inspiring & tragic. Death is cruel.

Places are filling up quick. To avoid disappointment, visit:

Townsville Paranormal NQ
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Townsville Paranormal NQ

  • Imperial Hotel

Hi everyone, we are going to the Imperial Hotel in Ravenswood on the 6TH of May 2017 for a overnight stay. Family Paranormal Weekend yes kids are welcome.
The price is $70 per person and includes Accommodation, Dinner and breakfast. And you will LOVE the food. It is a great atmosphere and Di and John are really lovely people and they make you feel like you are just part of the family. Also on Sunday the 7th Ravenswood holds Markets where you can pick up some goodies and some yummy treats.
TRAVEL......... Townsville to Ravenswood about 127km.
If you are willing to travel by your own transport It will be a great weekend away.
If anyone that want's to go and has room to take someone that may not have transport and you are happy with $20 per person to cover the cost of fuel, PLEASE let me know so I can get a number of seat's available.
For those who do not have transport, if you are happy to carpool and pay $2o fuel to whoever drives you, you are more than welcome to come and we will try and accomadate you .
So come along meet some new friends, share some stories and explore the town MAYBE EVEN BUMP INTO A GHOST OR TWO :o
We have organized lot's to do and we are sure you will all have a great time. We will be there to help in anyway we can to make your weekend enjoyable. 
We don't make any Money from this trip as we love the paranormal field and believe we should be able to share our knowledge and time for free. We can't wait to meet and have fun with new friends.
If you are interested please pm Damien Burke or Rebecca Burke. Payment will be Due on the day or if you like you can pay before the trip .

Townsville Paranormal NQ
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Townsville Paranormal NQ

  • Seaview Hotel

Come join us for our first social Dinner for the year at one of Townsville's Haunted locations.
Enjoy some beautiful food and drinks. The Seaview Hotel have 2 Pizza's for $25 and have a great deal where you can choose from 10 different meals for only $10 or you can choose from there main menu.
This evening will not cost anything except for your Dinner and drinks. The whole family is welcome.
We will have a lovely evening making new friends, chatting about all things Paranormal and Damo will give some History on The Seaview Hotel.
After Dinner if you are up to it, we will take a walk to The Old Townsville Hospital to see what it is like now and hope you will share some of your stories :)
If you are interested please comment or PM Rebecca Burke or Damien Burke so we can give numbers to the Hotel , thanks guys looking forward to seeing you there ♥

Paranormal Project
Oct 30

Paranormal Project

  • Bungunyah Manor Resort

TAMBORINE - Dinner with Bungunyah Spirits & Paranormal Investigation


Time: 5:00pm to Midnight

Location: Bungunyah Manor Resort, 160 Long Rd, Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine

Price: $140 (includes dinner and investigation - no accommodation). Accommodation is available by contacting the venue directly via (07) 5545 1044 or

Share an intimate evening with Gold Coast-based paranormal investigators, Paranormal Project at Mt Tamborine's Bungunyah Manor in June.

Paranormal Project psychics Lynne Heuermann and Michelle Price will use their spiritual gifts to locate and communicate with any spirits who may be present on the night plus giving you some of the history and ghost stories of Bungunyah Manor, circa 1882.

The Paranormal Project tech heads will show off some of their high-tech equipment that will be used during the investigation and outline how the evening will unfold.
You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions throughout the night.

After dinner you will join your paranormal investigators team, with each team to be allocated a particular section of the Manor to investigate. Then you will be loaded up with all of the relevant gadgets to figure out if ghosts really do exist.

This combined dinner and ghost hunt, was inspired by the very successful Dinner With Spirit events and will be limited to just 24 lucky participants.

Bungunyah is no stranger to spooky stories. A grand piano that resides in the bar area had all of its internals removed after unsettled visitors reported hearing the musical instrument play itself.

And a child spirit, believed to spend a lot of time haunting room 10, reportedly likes to move things like jewellery and car keys around. Other guests complained of being poked or whispered to while trying to drift off to sleep.

Do not delay and book your ticket today to take part in this unique experience at Bungunyah Manor.

Tickets can be purchased via

Paranormal Project
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Paranormal Project

  • Beenleigh Historical Village and Museum

Beenleigh Historical Village Ghost Tours

COST: $25 per person (special introduction rate)
ONLY 16 tickets per tour will be sold for the night.

TICKETS: Can be purchased via

AGE RESTRICTION: This event is only suitable for patrons age 16+

PH: 0405 016 504

Paranormal Investigators Townsville (P.I.T.)™ ©
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Paranormal Investigators Townsville (P.I.T.)™ ©

  • Lees Hotel

Paranormal Ghost Tour

We are having another overnight Paranormal Ghost Tour on Saturday 20th August 2016. We will be traveling to Ingham to stay at and investigate the 'Original Pub with No Beer', The Lees Hotel.
The cost is $120 per person and MUST be paid IN FULL no later than Monday 1st August 2016. The price includes transport to and from, accommodation, dinner and breakfast, insurance and use of equipment.
There are five (5) choices for your main meal and you will be asked at the time of payment what your choice will be.
If you are interested in going, please message Karina Looby and the direct deposit details will be given to you.
First in with FULL payment has choice of rooms.



Paranormal Investigators Townsville (PIT)
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Paranormal Investigators Townsville (PIT)

  • Charters Towers

Overnight Investigation of Charters Towers

Overnight investigation, dinner and breakfast at the Commercial Hotel In Charters Towers $110 per person. Rooms will be single once the doubles and twins are taken. Choice of 3 main meals for Dinner. Payment in full NO LATER than Monday 23rd May 2016. We can only take 24 people so....Get in Quick!

Website :

Paranormal Project
Jul 21

Paranormal Project

  • Franklin Villa

BRISBANE - Evening with Franklin Villa Spirits & Paranormal Investigation

Date: TBA

Time: 4:30pm to Midnight

Location: Bungunyah Manor Resort, 160 Long Rd, Eagle Heights, Mt Tamborine

Price: $140 (iincludes cocktail party and inv estigation - no accommodation). Accommodation is available by contacting the venue directly via (07) 5545 1044 or

There’s a lot of history behind these walls....
BRISBANE’S Franklin Villa will host the next exciting installment of the Events With Spirit evenings on Saturday 18 July 2015.
The grand old home is situated in the leafy suburb of Highgate Hill.
Construction of Franklin Villa began in 1891 and took two years to complete.
Former owner Ellen Grenier built the house as up market rental accommodation and she named it Franklin Villa in honour of her deceased husband.

As well, in those early days, the house contained a Ballroom, and it was common practice for Balls and official Government functions and soirees to be regularly held there.
Back to the present and Franklin Villa is now owned by Bernadette and her husband. When the couple took ownership the historic home had been divided into a bunch of flats that were being rented out. So the pair worked hard to restore her to her former glory. It’s been a lengthy process but the end result is spectacular - from the pool room, to the bar and the large deck complete with views to the city.

So join us for a cocktail party followed by a paranormal investigation this July. Meet the Paranormal Project team, and join them as they walk the corridors and look in on each room to see if they can find evidence of ghostly inhabitants. You become the investigator, with the team showing you how to use all of their high tech equipment including super sensitive headphones that allow you to hear even the slightest whisper.
Paranormal Project psychics Lynne Heuermann and Michelle Price will be joined by special guest psychic from Adelaide the truly gifted, Ann Hancock. Together they will use their spiritual gifts to locate and communicate with any spirits who may be present on the night at Franklin Villa.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a rare insight into the spirit world from a team of experts – you never know what you’ll find.


-Canapés and Hot Fork Dishes
-Non Alcoholic drinks during the cocktail party
-Question & Answer time over with psychics and paranormal investigators
-Step by step guide on how to use paranormal investigation equipment
-Take part in a paranormal investigation from 7pm to 12midnight
-You will receive a copy of the Investigation findings via our closed group facebook page
-No alcoholic beverages will be served on the night
-Non alcoholic drinks will be available for cash on the night after the main cocktail party has concluded.


Tickets can be purchased via