West Coast Paranormal
6:00 pm18:00

West Coast Paranormal

  • National Hotel Fremantle

Halloween Paranormal Dinner

Join us at the National Hotel for a 3 course dinner whilst we discuss ghostly behaviour and frightening fremantle.

This evening includes:

- 3 course dinner with wine

- Talk about fremantle ghosts and hauntings

- Presentation by real life paranormal investigators

- See and hear real footage filmed in the national hotel and other historic buildings

- Examine the equipment used to detect ghostly presences

$95 a ticket

For bookings email bookings@nationalhotelfremantle.com.au

Shanks Pony Tours
8:00 pm20:00

Shanks Pony Tours

  • Midland Town Hall

Midland Town Hall Ghost Tour

Date: Fortnightly
Time: Early Tour 8:15pm to 10:00pm. Late Tour 10.30pm to 12:15pm
Venue: Midland Town Hall, 2 Midland Square, Midland WA
Price: $40 per person

Have you ever feltyour skin tingle orthe temperature of a room suddenly drop as you walk in? Perhaps you have seen something you are not quite sure about or you are just interested in the Unexplained.

This is what happened to me when I first entered The Midland Town Hall for a council meeting.  Being new to council I didn't want everyone to think I was crazy so I said nothing. Some months went by and over a meal one night I overheard other councillors discussing the Ghost. I was very interested and became involved in the conversation. I discovered that many unexplained incidents had occurred over the years in the Town Hall. I was interested to find out more so I visited the Midland library to start my research and to my amazement there were several records relating to unexplained incidents. I decided to dig deeper and after a lot of research and talking to numerous staff and others who have a lot to do with the Hall, I found that there was a lot more to the odd Ghost story as thought. I decided to investigate the stories and called in West Coast Paranormalto see if we could find out more about the Ghosts that had been seen by various people
What followed was amazing. West Coast Paranormal have stated that “ The Midland Town Hall is one of the most active buildings they have investigated in the past 6 years.” I personally have seen two Ghosts in the town hall.

Ghost Tours have been set up to share this experience with all: those who are curious, the believers and the sceptics. Tours will be held on most Friday evenings and workshops will be held on one Saturday evening each month.
Come along and see the Ghost Busting equipment in use and hear about the Ghosts that we believe live in the Town Hall.
Tours are genuine and can be scary for some. We do not recommend this tour for children under 12years.

Link: http://trybooking.com/DWZH