Adelaide's Haunted Horizons

  • National Railway Museum 76 Lipson Street Port Adelaide, SA, 5015 Australia

National Railway Museum

Dates: Contact Adelaide's Haunted Horizons for more information on available datea
Times: 9:30pm to 11:00pm
Price: $33 Age 15+ (if younger, please contact Haunted Horizons first). Tours most Fri nights (other nights available for group bookings). Please check for dates before booking your tour.

The National Railway Museum was originally part of the Port Adelaide Station or Port Dock Railway Station as it was known back in its early days.  Where the museum now sits was the good sheds and work area of the Station.  The Station itself stood close, where the police headquarters are now located.  The Port Dock was opened in 1856 and operated until 1981.  It was the original line in South Australia.
The museum, originally at Mile End, was relocated to Port Adelaide and opened in 2001.  It now holds an impressive collection of locomotives, carriages and the 19th Century original Goods Shed

Join us on a hunt for the Port Adelaide National Railway Museum ghosts!  The night includes a tour around the museum, learning about its ghostly tales and it's deaths, including the sad tale of a 16 year old boy who befell a terrible accident. After tea/coffee, break into teams and, with equipment,, explore the darkest recesses of this museum in the search of paranormal activity. These tours are normally double tours with the Port Dock Hotel.

Why would a train museum be haunted and why would we want to go there?  Well how about these five reasons for starters:

  • A dark shadowy figure seen regularly at the Museum

  • At least 21 reported deaths at the station and goods yard.

  • Investigate the train involved in Australia's first terrorism act.

  • The area that drops in temperature and feels decidedly unfriendly.

  • Objects moving and phones that ring when not plugged in.

We also run regular ghost tours through the museum.  Thse are 90 mins and are $33.  
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