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  • Tailem Town

Tailem Town Investigation Paranormal Ghost and Investigation Tour

Date: Most Saturdays

Time: TBA

Location: Tailem Town, Princes Highway, Tailem Bend, SA

Price: $77.00

These tours are slightly different from your run of the mill ghost tours as YOU get to try your hand at a bit of ghost-hunting! Come and hang back after your tour with guides, some of who have also been in or are still in the paranormal research field. Let them tell you of their own experiences as well as reported experiences of others. Listen to stories of strange shadows and unusual photographs taken by the public. Hear about some of the characters that once resided in these very buildings before their death and before the buildings were transported to the township plank by plank. Once the two hour tour finishes, get to experience for yourself just what it is like to sit quietly in reportedly active areas of the township for an hour or two. Over 110 buildings to choose from!  This is a great opportunity for the paranormal enthusiast, whether a beginner or an experienced investigator, to be able to get access to Tailem Town for a short time under supervised conditions.
Other nights by request for private bookings.
Phone 0407 715 866 or email

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