Adelaide's Haunted Horizons

  • Adelaide Arcade Rundle Street Adelaide, SA Australia

Adelaide Arcade Ghost Tours

Do you think you have done the Arcade Tour, and heard all there is to hear while on a street tour with others?  Well, if you haven't been on this unnerving 2hr tour, you definitely haven't experienced the Arcade or her ghosts to the full!  We are the official ghost tour operators and investigators of the Adelaide Arcade and have a wealth of ghostly experiences and related deaths to share! 

Do you want more than second hand stories, told during open hours, like other tours give?  Then book with us, the only ghost tour operator with exclusive access to the Arcade, including the old tearoom, AFTER the gates are locked!

Tour Includes:

  • A conducted tour around the Arcade, learning of the heartbreaking and tragic deaths that have occurred there.
  • Hear first hand ghostly experiences, not only from our guides, but also from our Security for the night.
  • Watch video captured by Adelaide's Haunted Horizons over their time researching at the Arcade.
  • Experience the old tearoom under the Arcade... in the dark!
  • If time allows, do a small 15 min E.V.P. (electronic Voice Phenomena) and ghost box session down in the haunted tearoom.

Where to meet: Adelaide Arcade, Rundle Mall entrance
When: Most Fridays, 9.30 - 11.30 p.m. 
Cost: $33 pp
Age: 15+

For more information

Email Adelaide Ghost Tours
Call: 0407 715 866