Mulitverse and the Paranormal

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Multiverse and the Paranormal

As paranormal investigators having practical field experience is important. It's often how and where we start gathering more questions about how people experience possible paranormal activity. But what is equally as important is also looking at other ways that these experiences can be explained other than looking at the afterlife.

One such conjecture (possible thought/idea) is taking a glance at physics and the Multiverse theory. So what would this theory be about that might help explain intelligent (interactive) or residual (non-interactive) haunting cases? Let's break it down.

Multiverse is a theory that states that there are many different universes that were created randomly with our universe being one of them. These universes were randomly created and because our universe sustains life this gives a possibility to the fact that life could be existing elsewhere. 

But the most intriguing thing is that life could be existing but in a slightly different way to what is being experienced nowhere in this world. Because there could potentially be billions of universes, there is a likelihood that there may be another version of you doing something similar or very different. 

How you may ask? 

Well, scientists don't really know 100% what shape space-time is. But there is the idea that its liner - a straight line. It is thought to stretch out indefinitely but also it could very well "repeat" because it's infinite. And that is where the idea that there could be another you somewhere in another universe - an alternate reality. 

So instead of that decision you made to move to another country, this alternate life you would have chosen to stay and hence it would play out the outcome of that decision and possibly many others. 

Possibly within this multiverse are what is termed as "Parallel Universes" that are meant to run alongside our universe. This is due to the idea that there are many more dimensions than the understanding of space and time as we know it. 

To add to that, some scientists believe that universes can collide with each other causing big bangs and other universes to be created.

Now, what does this have to do with the paranormal?

Well if people are witnessing apparitions of the past, could it be a time slip from another universe? 

Maybe it could also explain how people have claimed to see someone who is still alive in one location to know that they are in another one. 

And what about residual/ non-interactive apparitions? Could also help explain those too.

Did a parallel universe "cross over" into ours for a moment? Was the apparition of a person who is familiar happen to be from another dimension?

As is often the case, we begin to find more questions than answers but Multiverse and Parallel universes are interesting theories and some that are well worth keeping in mind when researching possible paranormal phenomena.


A simple video to further explain the multiverse theory.