Paranormal Job Opportunities

Are you looking at starting a paranormal group? Or someone has left and you need to find a replacement? You're handling more cases and need extra help? Or you're a medium looking to grow your skills by working with a paranormal team?

Well here is the place!

To place an advert:
Please email the following information:
- Job title
- Location where job will be based
- Details of the role/tasks person will be undertaking
- Paranormal group or company advertising the role (optional)
- Paid or unpaid/volunteer position
- Contact name and phone and/or email address

Please allow a minimum of 24 hours for the role to be advertised.

New South Wales

Looking to participate in any existing PRGs or form a new active group
Location: Sydney Metro/CBD area
Role/Tasks: My name is Leo and I can bring to a group 20+ years research into the paranormal, solid technical background and a fun sociable open-minded personality.
Although I approach the subject with a technical, analytical, unbiased view, I would not consider myself strictly sceptical but I maintain a natural disposition to debunk, disprove, troubleshoot, reason and explain phenomena through scientific analysis and method. I do however approach the work with an open mind, having had personal experiences myself over the years. I am passionate about data analysis via multiple instrumentation, in particular audio, video and RF sensors, devices and gadgets. 
I am willing to volunteer or fill in for any technical/specialist, investigative or communication roles within existing active groups. I do own some equipment that I have collected over the years but it is far from complete (yet!).
Alternatively, if you are looking to join and help establish a fresh new active; start-up group in the Sydney Metro area, and become one of the founders providing invaluable experience, leadership, time and/or equipment, also let me know.
Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer
Contact made via email

Psychic medium looking for a team to join
Location: Sydney and surrounds
Role/tasks offered: Experienced psychic practicing since 1995 looking to work with a paranormal team(s).  My primary interest is cemeteries, abandoned and historic sites but I have also done a lot of work with individuals experiencing psychic phenomena, possession, over-shadowing etc. I am new to the paranormal investigation field but I'm a quick learner and have a down to earth approach.
Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer
Contact: Allison via email


Looking to join a Paranormal Research Group
Location: Sydney CBD and surrounding areas.
Role/Tasks offered: I’m currently looking to join an existing paranormal research group. Although currently I have no investigatory experience, I am very keen to learn and  participate in a paranormal investigations. Paranormal activity has been an
interest of mine since primary school when my family and I went on a holiday to New Orleans where we stayed in a hotel that was fortuitously built over an American Indian burial site while unexplained events pursued.
I would love to be given the opportunity to volunteer my services to any one willing to take me on. I’m an easy going, rational 24 year old who craves knowledge and experience.
If you have a voluntary position for me don't hesitate to contact me (Nathan) on 0405 767 123 or via e-mail

Looking to start a new Paranormal Research Group or join an existing
Location: Sydney and surrounding suburbs.
Details of the role/tasks person will be undertaking: Hi, I am looking to start or join an existing paranormal group based in Sydney or surrounding suburbs. I have participated in a few investigations and thought that I would like to do this on a regular occurrence. I have done a basic course in Parapsychology. I am slowly building up my equipment. I have always been interested in the paranormal since a young age. Any questions give me a call or send an email and we can organise a meet up. I am based in the South western suburbs of Sydney.
This is a volunteer position.
Contact name and phone and/or email address: Andrew and Jennifer O’Dowd
Ph: 0412967922
Fax 0296446860

South Australia

Looking for Investigators to create a new paranormal team!
Location: South Australia
Role/Tasks: My name is Torey B. Scott and I am a practicing occultist of seventeen years. I've recently migrated to Australia and I am looking for a team of paranormal investigators with whom to join as a contributing paranormal consultant and resident Demonologist.
Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer
Contact via mobile 0424 197 132 or emailing either address or

Looking for a Paranormal Investigator based in Adelaide
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Role/Tasks: We are seeking a Paranormal Investigator with a solid technical background and their own equipment, who would like to join a friendly Team of 6 who love to walk around in the dark and conduct Paranormal investigations and house clearings.
Although we currently have investigators with a vast range of abilities, experience and equipment, we would like to have someone that is very confident with the Latest Technology available, and eager to try to document evidence electronically.
There group also has radio exposure so the option is there for you to join in as well if you so choose.
Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer and unpaid
Contact: If this sounds like something you would like to do, or know of someone email Tina via

Seeking professional paranormal team to join 
Location: Adelaide, South Australia
Role/tasks: Looking for an established and reputable paranormal investigation group to join up with, that’s willing to take a chance on a newcomer in the field and let me join their group. I’m a 35yo male, professionally employed. I’ve always had a keen interest in this field and have just decided to pursue it now.  Hoping to find a group that conducts their business professionally and not by trespassing to gain access to places etc. I’m keen to investigate locations as well has helping people that are having problems in their own properties. I currently have no experience in this field but I’m extremely keen to start and learn and will bring a levelheaded/ slight skeptical/ debunking personality to an investigation, I’m all about the 1% rock solid evidence, an added bonus is I’m happy to use my own equipment that I’ve been acquiring and invest in such things as well. If your teams looking for an addition team member then please email me and we can set up a meet and discuss further.
Volunteering my time & committed.
Contact: Damian via email at:


Psychic wanting to start a group
Location: Gippsland
Role/tasks: I am a psychic and want to start a group in Gippsland to investigate the many haunts that we have over here.
I am looking at starting a team up and also I run a regional magazine here in Gippsland, so we could also publish some of our findings etc.
Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Volunteer
Contact: If interested please contact me via:

Paranormal Investigator looking for a team to join
Location: Heathcote, Victoria
I've been taking photo's and filming paranormal activity for 13 years and would like to work with a paranormal team. I have my own camera equipment and would like to learn more by investigating along side other people.
I can be contacted by
Western Australia 
Location: Bonny Lake, WA
My name is Joey and I'm interested in joining a local or nearby group. I haven't ever investigated but I have had experiences that have pushed me to want to do this kind of volunteering/job field. I am  28 years old and dedicated.
I hope to hear back from groups or independent people with the same interests.
I can be contacted via email at or at 253-880-7554
Thanks for your time!!


I would like to join an existing investigation group
Location: Brisbane QLD
Details of the role/tasks person will be undertaking: I'm an Intuit and Sensitive for spirits. I have seen/felt spirits since before I can remember & I would like to develop these skills further & help people at the same time. Even though I have these gifts I like to get proof/evidence of paranormal activity as people's minds/emotions can get in the way and I love the science aspect of ghost hunting. I have always been a curious person wanting to know the "why" of everything and I usually won't give up till I have a clear answer.
Paid or unpaid/volunteer position: Any
Contact name: Kate
Email address: