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Paranormal Event Co-ordination

If you want to hold an event within the paranormal field in Australia, then I can help you.
I've investigated the paranormal for 4 years (including locations in the UK and US) as well as being a Case Manager for 1.5 years (public locations and residential cases).

I hold a qualification in training and assessment and almost 5 years solid event co-ordination experience. 

I co-hosted the first Paracon Australia as well as having spoken at local and international paranormal events and workshops. I'm currently guest co-host for location episodes on this season of Ghosts of Oz radio program on Alive 90.5.

With sufficient experience within the field, I can assist you in making your event as successful as possible.

If you are interested feel free to email me at accessparanormal@gmail.com
(international expressions of interest are also welcome).

For all media enquiries, please email accessparanormal@gmail.com



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